Routine Scares The Hell Out Of Me, So I’m Running The Fuck Away

Atlas Green

I’ve always had the travel bug, I’ve been overly curious of the world since I was young. I’ve been waiting to hop on a plane to anywhere and just go. Go for however long and explore everything in front of me. I want to see the world and make a difference, in whatever way I can. But now that the time has come for me to make my departure on my first big trip, I think I am partially running away.

Everyone’s favorite question attached to traveling is, “what are you running away from?” The simple answer: nothing. I actually have a gaping desire to see the world. I want to visit every place I have on my bucket list on top of places I’ve never heard of. I want to really live somewhere and befriend the locals. I want to conquer every mountain I can, while aiming to better myself. I want to get the most of my experience. I want to be an explorer and a traveler.

But I also think I want to escape a normal life so bad that I’d go just about anywhere. My biggest fear is settling, so I’m running away from settling, as far and as fast as I can.

Routine scares the hell out of me. More than anything I don’t want to be stuck somewhere doing the same thing everyday that I’m not in love with. I want to love my job. I want to want to work seven days a week, I want to be thankful every day when I wake up to have my job. But wanting usually doesn’t lead to having, so I’m running away until I find it.

I’m running where I know I’ll be greeted with uncertainty, some place to keep my hopes alive. I want to chase my dreams wherever they lead me and never look back with regrets. I want to run away before I get tied down. I don’t want to miss out on a minute of greatness because I’m preoccupied doing something mediocre.

I’m afraid that I’ll fall into the same rut that everyone from my hometown is. I’m scared to stay there because I know how much more is out there. I don’t want to live somewhere I know, I want to live somewhere I have to learn. I’ve driven up and down those streets one too many times.

I’ve made my memories in the place I grew up and honestly, there aren’t many more left for me to make. This town can no longer give me what I need. It’s time to move on and leave it behind. So I’m doing just that, I’m running away before it sucks me in. I’m running away before I turn into someone who’s content with their life because they get a paycheck every week.

I need a passion and a fresh start. Traveling will give it to me. Traveling will put me face to face with uncertainty. It will force me to change, adapt and grow. It will require me to face uncomfortable situations head on and make me really learn a little more about myself each and everyday.

I’m running away because why not? Why not start fresh, why not begin again, why not figure out your purpose in the world? Why stay in one place forever?

If you’re like me you’ve always wondered if birds could fly anywhere in the world, why they always stay in one place? Now ask yourself that same question and do something about it. Running away doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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