Maybe Those Who Wander Want To Be Lost

Jeff Hopper

It’s the endless scrolling through airline sites, trying to find the best deals to anywhere in the world. Finding hostels, airbnbs, maybe even cruise ships to call home for a few days. It’s the packing and planning  all the adventures that await you. It’s going new places you’ve never been, trying to new things, bonding with new people. It’s those things that we live for.

It’s buying a one-way ticket to anywhere your heart desires, not planning a return because you’re not sure how the world will shape you or where it will lead you. You’re ready to let the world lead you in the direction it wants you to go. Your open to letting the world break you down and build you up. You’re ready for the lonely nights that will come ahead while everyone who lives the safe lifestyle back at home are settling down and living just fine without you. You miss them, but even when you go ‘home’ to visit you truly don’t want to be there because to you it is no longer home.

Home isn’t four walls and a welcome mat. It isn’t material items or a bed. Home to you is everywhere. It’s in the airplane you’ve been on so many times before. It’s on the trains you spend the night on as you travel throughout Europe to the next destination that awaits you. It’s in the wilderness you spend huddled over a fire in the outback. It’s everywhere you’ve been; everywhere you’ve left your footprints behind.

Your mind is constantly wandering, constantly thinking about the next destination. You constantly wonder what is going on in the last place you went. What your friends you’ve made there are doing. Your heart is in places you’ve left behind with the people who have touched your life.

Being lost is where wanderers feel most at home, where they feel most themselves. Constantly yearning for new places, new faces and new experiences. It’s the building excitement and the memories that follow. They are enthusiastic about life; they take it on full force with wide-open arms ready to embrace everything it brings their way because to them it’s all or nothing, and life isn’t meant to be lived half-assed.

Those who wander want to be lost; they want to discover places they would only see in pictures. They want to do things most people only dream of. They want to live to the absolute max. They want to stumble through the world without direction. Being lost is where they find happiness.

Being in one place for a long time makes them feel stuck. It makes them feel restricted. As much as they love the people they are with and the relationships they’ve developed there is only so much time they can spend in one place before their mind starts to wander and their curiosity takes over yet again.

It’s only a limited amount of time before they hop back on the Internet and start searching for the next flight out, the next train ride, the next bus route. It’s only a limited time before they’re on new land, relearning new names, making new connections and finding new lives to touch.

The thing with those who wander is that they don’t want to be found. They don’t want stability. They live for freedom and open roads with nothing standing in their way. To them the best thing you can possibly to do is to tackle the shit out of life and love every second of it, wherever you are because the only thing that will truly break their heart is stability. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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