20 Men On How They Really Feel About Your Finger In Their Butt

Ed Gregory
Ed Gregory

1. “No, just no.” –Kevin, 22

2. “Never ever. Not even if someone paid me.” –Andrew, 26

3. “How do they feel about a broken finger?” –Mark, 24

4. “I’ve never done it, but I’d like to try. I think it would be interested to see what it feel like, but I’d never ask someone to finger my ass.” –Bill, 29

5. “I asked my ex girlfriend to do it and she did. It surprisingly felt good.” –Blake, 24

6. “Hell. No.” –Doug, 23

7. “I made a bet with my wife if she let me try anal she could try sticking her finger up my ass. Turns out we both like butt stuff.” –Evan, 33

8. “I guess I’d be open to it. Trying new things in the bedroom is always good.” –Devin, 29

9. “Never happened to me, but you have to try everything once!” –Jared, 25

10. “A finger up the ass is really nice when she’s giving me a blow job it makes it more enjoyable and feels great.” –Joe, 30

11. “My ex used to do it all the time and it was great. I miss her for that.” –Richard, 21

12. “I was hooking up with this one girl and she tried to shove her finger in my ass when she was giving me a blowjob, I swatted her hand away. Then she tired to again and I pulled my pants up and left. It was not worth it.” –Collin, 24

13. “Fuck no. I’d rather die of prostate cancer than let that happen.” –Tim, 22

14. “No chance, I would slap the shit out of her.” –Will, 20

15. “This girl I was hooking up with did it, I was kind of surprised at first but I let her keep going. It actually felt incredible, it was such a good prostate massage.” –Ricky, 32

16. “If you want some real pleasure, try the tongue. That’s where it’s at.” –Oliver, 28

17. “My girlfriend puts one finger in at a time while she’s giving me head and it feels so good I wish I could explain the pleasure. It gets me off so fast.” –Gabe, 25

18. “I love it, the pleasure just builds and builds and there’s no way to hold back.” –Huck, 34

19. “It’s definitely an added bonus if someone wants to play with your ass. It’s fun and a change. The prostate is a magical thing.” –Jeff, 23

20. “You just can’t think of it as homophobic because it’s a great feeling and it’s just another part of sex.” –Alan, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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