16 People Describe That Mortifying Time They Got Walked In On During Sex

Adrianna Calvo

1. “My summer boyfriend and I were getting busy on the dock of his lake cabin and his aunt and uncle had been out in the water. They boated up while we were fucking on the dock, so I jumped into the lake and like… waved.” – Samantha, 27

2. “I was out at a beach one night with a girl and it was around 11. The beach closed at sundown and we were in my car and I didn’t see or hear a cop until he knocked on my window, shined his flashlight in my car and saw her giving me head.” – Brian, 28

3. “I was on a cruise ship and there was some definite sexual tension with me and this guy I met. The last night we were on the ship we waited until it was really late and started hooking up on the very front of the cruise ship. We were 69ing when a group of people we didn’t hear came walking right up to us. It was absolutely humiliating, I was so unbelievably happy to get off the ship the next morning and never see any of those people again.” – Holly, 23

4. “I ditched school to have sex with this girl in one of my classes and while I was having sex in the library parking lot at my high school a cop pulled up to us. He ended up taking us to the station and we had to call our parents and have them pick us up because we were minors. I also had to pay a $500 fine, through all my moms yelling I still think it was worth it looking back at the story now.” – Dave, 25

5. “My mom caught me having sex with my boyfriend in the backseat of my car. She opened up the door, dragged me out by my hair and said “pull up your pants you little slut,” before slapping me in the face. She made me go pack my stuff up from camp and drove me back home, and the next day made me tell my nana what I did.” – Sarah, 20

6. “My boyfriends mom got home from work early one day when we were having sex. She came into his room and obviously knew what was going on, so she weirdly got under the blankets and started talking to us for about three minutes before she got up and left the room. It was probably the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been in my life.” – Michelle, 24

7. “In high school I used to sneak this guy into my bedroom window at my parents house. It was a regular thing, but my brother woke up one night and for some reason tried to come into my room, but the door was locked. It was still enough of a scare for the guy I was hooking up with the run into my closet butt ass naked and hide in fear for a good 10 minutes.” – Bella, 23

8. “I was having sex with this girl in my buddies bathroom and we ordered take out. He kept banging on the door asking about how we were going to pay, even though I’m pretty sure he knew I was in there with her. He finally banged open the door saw me balls deep in her and proceeded to ask about the payment. Cheap bastard couldn’t have just paid the delivery dude and worried about it later.” – Mark, 31

9. “I was really drunk one night walking home with the guy I’ve been wanting to hook up with for a while now. He kept grabbing me and flirting with me on the walk that we ended up having sex on someone’s front yard. It was dark out until they came storming out of their house the light on. They called the cops, we book it and ran away as fast as we could.” – Bri, 26

10. “This girl I was hooking up with at the time invited me to her house, her parents weren’t home so I went, obviously. She was under the covers giving me head her mom barged in her room. I started panicking and hit her in the head when she came up and saw her mom. He mom started flipping shit and kicked me out. That blow job wasn’t worth me trying to go back there ever again either.” – Kyle, 29

11. “My girlfriend and I told the other people we were with we were going to get snacks, but instead we just went into the room next door to hook up. The room didn’t have a door and she was on her knees giving me head when I saw one of the girls walk past us looking for us. She didn’t notice us so I didn’t tell my gf because I didn’t want her to stop. She ended up walking back past the room and saw us and gasped. It ended up being really awkward, but apparently she just really wanted snacks.” – Nick, 26

12. “I was at a concert and really horny so I started having sex with my boyfriend in a place I thought was private, mind you I was drunk. Anyways we were going to town and the truck that was in front of us pulled out and all the sudden everyone saw me bend over against a tree and started cheering. Good thing everyone else was drunk too, but it was extremely embarrassing and our friends still wont let it go.” – Katie, 27

13. “I got caught having sex in the hospital. My girlfriend was visiting me, I just had a minor surgery nothing serious. While the curtain was closed and it was just us in the room she got on top of me and we started having sex. The nurse did not like what she saw when she pulled back the curtain. She yelled at me for doing activity and I’ve never seen my girlfriend so uncomfortable.” – Brent, 32

14. “My grandpa walked in on me having sex it was so terrible I started crying and he said he couldn’t even look at me. It literally broke my heart, I still think he only things of me in doggy style because I think that’s why he has such a hard time looking at me.” – Lilly, 21

15. “I thought having sex on my roof was a good idea, until the cops came and fined me for indecent exposure. It also really scratched up my back. The thrill factor was high though.” – Mike, 29

16. “My kids walked in on me and their father having sex. Let me tell you, it isn’t any less awkward than walking in on your kids, especially when they start screaming “ew, gross.” Embarrassing.” – Marla, 35 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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