16 Girls Reveal Why They Talk To Guys They’re Not Really Interested In

Kyle Broad

1. “I do it for attention, it’s someone to talk to and maybe see if there could be something there. Sometimes at first you think you are interested in them and move too fast and realize they weren’t someone you think you could actually like.” –Miranda, 24

2. “I talk to guys I’m not really interested in because sometimes you just want it to work out. You think you could learn to like them and just want someone to have with you. You try to fit these people in your lives and they don’t fit, and you know they won’t fit, but you try anyways so you’re not alone.” –Kylie, 28

3. “I think I talk to guys I’m not really interested in because I get bored with my love life and want something new or exciting.” –Emma, 22

4. “It sounds selfish but sometimes the attention from someone and comfort of having someone is nice no matter if you’re into the person you’re talking to or not.” –Zoe, 25

5. “I do it because I get lonely and I get sad. So even if it’s someone I really wouldn’t date I still will talk to him because it makes me feel a little less alone and a little more hopeful.” –Madelyn, 30

6. “Honestly, I talk to guys I’m not interested in to get free drinks or because I’m bored.” –Olivia, 23

7. “I talk to guys because I’m not sure if I’m interested in them or not. They might have a stellar personality, but I’m just not sure if they’re for me or not on the sexual/dating level. So I try to keep my options open and stay kind.” – Mia, 31

8. “I’d say I talk to guys I’m not interested in because it makes me feel good in a fucked up way. It makes me feel like someone likes me, even if I don’t like him back. It makes me feel wanted and adored, and judge me all you want but not having anyone take interest in you is really hard especially when all your friends have relationships or guys always interested in them.” –Charlotte, 33

9. “If they are nice I feel bad not talking to them. I don’t want to be rude or have them think I’m a bitch.” –Ella, 21

10. “I do it because I’m a bitch and I like guys to beg for my attention, it makes me feel powerful.” –Abby, 24

11. “Sometimes I talk to them because I couldn’t make up my mind on my feelings. I wasn’t sure if I was into him or not.” –Evelyn, 22

12. “I talk to guys I’m not interested in because I feel bad, I don’t like being rude and that’s what it feels like. I know how it feels to get your feelings hurt and have someone you like be shitty towards you so I try not to ignore them or be mean. I just don’t flirt back.” –Brooke, 27

13. “I’d say the main reason I talk to guys I’m not interested in is because what if I end up falling for them? I’ve had relationships bloom out of places I didn’t think they ever would, but giving people a chance is a good thing in my opinion.” –Grace, 26

14. “I talk to guys I’m not interested in because even if I’m not interested in them it is still nice to have someone care about you. Being alone is hard and sometimes all you want is to be loved, even if you know you won’t be able to love them back for whatever reason.” –Nat, 21

15. “I do it because I’m the only single one of my friend group, so while they are all lovey dovey with their boyfriends I’m alone, and it sucks so I take someone talking to me over nothing.” –Maya, 30

16. “I do it because it gives me someone to talk to. It kind of makes me feel good knowing that someone is thinking about me and wants to talk to me.” –Vikki, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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