14 Men Confess Their Biggest Insecurities In Bed


1. “My biggest insecurity is that I won’t get hard, this has nothing to do with her. It’s that I am insecure about myself so the whole time I should be thinking of her, I’m thinking about how she even finds me attractive.” –Jason, 27


2. “Easily and definitely size, I think I’m below average for a guy my size, so I always get worried I won’t be able to satisfy her.”–Kyle, 26


3. “I don’t get insecure as much as I feel emasculated when a woman knows way more than I do in bed. Like when she just takes control, I just sit back like woah, I’ve been doing this wrong all along.–Mikey, 23


4. “I’m insecure about cumming too soon, I think that is every guys worry. No one wants to cum in 30 seconds, it’s embarrassing and it’s a huge turn off for her. So basically, like every dude, we just try to think of things that are non-arousing to last.” –Jim, 24


5. “I get worried I won’t be able to please her well enough. I’m sure she has been with dudes that are better in bed than I am and that’s just shitty in general to think about. I just do my thing and if she doesn’t seem to like it then I’ll ask her what she likes.” –Cam, 28


6. “I have a weird looking penis I’ve come to learn, so that is probably my biggest insecurity about sex, next to cumming too fast, but I’ve learned it happens.” –Billy, 30


7. “I wouldn’t say it’s an insecurity, but I’m most worried about not pulling out if we’re having sex without a condom. I am by no means ready to be a dad.” –Sam, 26


8. “I always hope I don’t have stank dick, it’s so easy to get sweaty down there, I hope she doesn’t go to give me head and question if I bathe frequently or not.” –Ryan, 29


9. “Easily my body image. I don’t want her thinking of that hot guy she saw at the gym earlier and wish I were him. I want her to be attracted to me, but I know I need to start getting my shit together and make her want me like she used to.”–Leo, 32


10. “I don’t normally hook up with girls, even though I tend to talk a big game, but I get insecure that I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel like I don’t have enough experience, or the right experience, and she won’t get turned on by me.” –Brent, 25


11. “SIZE. My first thought is always shit, what is she going to think when she touches my dick for the first time.–Jordan, 26


12. “I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I’m literally hung like a horse and girls really aren’t big fans. I don’t care what people say, but not all women love it big because it seems to hurt them more than feel good. It’s really frustrating.”–Charlie, 27


13. “I’ve gained a lot of weight since we got married and it makes me really insecure, I’m scared she won’t want to have sex with me anymore until I lose some and start getting back in shape, even though she still says she loves me.”–Chad, 35


14. “I’m insecure my wife thinks about other men when we’re having sex because I can’t please her anymore.” –Rich, 33 TC mark

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