The Key To Happiness Is Never Settling For Anything Less

Edward Zulawski
Edward Zulawski

Don’t settle in your career. Your career after you graduate college is what you’re going to be spending majority of your time on, it’s just the way life works. Don’t settle at a boring office job because it’s the only job that called you back. Push yourself further than that because you have more to offer, especially if you hate it. If you hate it, quit. Don’t work for a boss who’s a dick and doesn’t care about you as a person because what good is that doing you? You should LOVE your job if you’re spending the majority of your waking hours there. Find a passion and pursue it then you won’t have to work a day in your life. Do something that fulfills you and ultimately makes you happy to wake up every day and do; you’ll know when you find it.

I also know that sometimes we have to do things because we need money, we need to support our families and ourselves. Do the work, but don’t get stuck there. Work towards what you actually want.

Don’t stay somewhere because it’s convenient.

It’s easy to fall in the trap that life is sometimes. We get consumed in a schedule; we say were going to do something then before we know it months have past us by and we haven’t made a single change. Chose your life, don’t settle for it.

Life has been kind enough to present you with a fresh start every morning; an opportunity to grab and do anything with. You can go anywhere in the world, you can do things you’ve only dreamed of, don’t miss out on it because you don’t feel capable of it, because you are. You’re capable of anything as long as you want it bad enough to make the leap forward to progressing.

I’ve worked jobs I hate because I needed money, but I’ve also made concrete plans to make major changes in my life so I don’t have to do those things for long. Do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do, that is the best way to live.

Most importantly don’t settle for love. Never settle for love. Never stay with someone because you’re used to them. Never stay with someone because you’re scared you’ll end up alone.

Never stay with someone because you think they’re as good as it gets.

I don’t believe in there only being one person for everyone. I think that you can fall in love multiple times because no two loves are the same. I think you just need to find someone compatible for you, someone that fits you and makes you happy. Someone who respects you and surprises you, someone who is your best friend and loves you for who you are and doesn’t expect you to change who you are.

The fear of being alone and failure often lead us to dead end lives, they lead you to unhappiness because you didn’t go after what you truly wanted. If you always fear failure you will never accomplish anything great. If you don’t get out of a relationship that is bound for nowhere you’ll never experience the feeling of being in love every day for the rest of your life. Don’t let loneliness drive you to someone who you have no business being with because that is selfish for the both of you.

If you are not head over heels in love with someone let them go because you are cheating them out of a relationship where someone can give them their whole heart.

You are limiting yourself to a mediocre, comfortable love by not being with someone who makes your life light up.

Be with someone who inspires you at 4 AM, be with someone whose voice can put you in a better mood, and be with someone who never makes you feel alone in a relationship.

I’m not claiming to be perfect, I’ve found myself with guys who don’t make me happy. They’ve only left me feeling more alone because I tried so hard to find my happiness in someone whom I had no real interest in a future with. The way I see it is if you wouldn’t want someone to settle for you, don’t settle for them.

Live fiercely and passionately on a path you chose, don’t let life pass you by without paving your own path. It’s never too late to chase your goals and wake up to do something you love every day. And most importantly, don’t settle for anybody just so you can have somebody.

Don’t settle because it’s easy, or because it’s comfortable or because it’s what you’re “supposed” to do. Never settle because life has so much to offer and by settling you lose out on so many incredible experiences and places, and people all over the world. Never settle with life, with love, with happiness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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