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I stared wide-eyed at my computer screen in my neighbor’s familiar kitchen with my friends by my side. I was instantly overcome with more emotion than I have felt in a long time. I was happy, excited, anxious beyond belief, nervous, teary-eyed and definitely sad.

I looked around the room at all my friend’s well-known smiling faces, screaming that I finally bought a one-way ticket across the world; I was giddy and shaking.

The comfort zone is a wonderful place, but I’m a firm believer you can’t get the most out of life if you stay in it forever. In order to grow as a person you need to challenge yourself and test your boundaries.

I haven’t embarked on my new journey yet, but I will before I know it. I will pack my apartment up, sell my belongings, send whatever I can’t take back to my parent’s basement and bring the little bit that’s left of my life in a backpack across the world. I’m finally leaving behind my comfort zone and I won’t even pretend I’m not scared out of my mind.

I cling to the idea that there is so much more out in the world I haven’t done, there are so many new things to lay eyes on and become infatuated with. There are so many new memories to be made and hands to shake. There are so many more deep conversations to be had and tears to be shed.

I will never run out of new places I want to go because my list has everywhere in the world on it.

People start to tell me how “lucky” I am to “get away,” about how they can’t believe I’m are living so spontaneously. They tell me they envy my bravery and ask a million and one questions about what I’m doing in terms of living, money, fears and my future. They wish they could do what I’m doing, but realistically they can. Everyone and anyone can, the only thing you need is the desire to do it bad enough and take the leap.

Most people don’t and that is fine if that’s how they chose to live their lives, but in my opinion routine is lethal. One day you might wake up and wonder what good your comfort zone is doing for you. It might become so comfortable it feels pointless, you feel like you are no longer productive and are just sleep walking through life.

The way life works though is through change, every thing is constantly changing. Every year, every day, every second, there is change. You’re feelings of people, places, things and ideas will all eventually change too because you are more experienced through living.

Living in the comfort zone my entire life has been great, I haven’t had to fear the unknown or live in uncertainty, but it hasn’t made me test my boundaries. Moving my life across the world will. It will make me let go, test relationships, leave behind all the comforts I’ve become so reliant on and expose me to the change I crave.

The biggest thing to remember is that nothing is forever. Your friends will move and their families and work become their priority. Your hometown will evolve and you won’t ever be able to go back to the way things were. Leaving your comfort zone could be the best thing for you, whether it is moving across the state or across the world, because change isn’t always bad.

Take the leap. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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