Read This If You Think You’ve Outgrown Your Current Life


It’s the same thing every day.

Routine is good, don’t get me wrong, but every day you show the same feelings towards your life. You never want to do the everyday things and you surely aren’t ever looking forward to your routine, but you wouldn’t say you’re necessarily unhappy. You’ve never claimed to be miserable, you might say you hate your life every so often, but you don’t mean it. It’s just a way for you to vent and express your feelings if you’re having a rough day, which seems to be happening more often lately.

Welcome to the feelings of outgrowing your present life.

It feels like everyone around you is negative, but it might be you. Your feelings and attitude have changed immensely without you even realizing it. You start to have feelings of annoyance towards people you once were close friends with. You start spending more time in solitude and enjoying it. You are ready for the next chapter of your life and you might not even have realized it. You’ve already began slowly separating yourself from the pack and now you have a better understanding of why.

You start to realize that all your friends do is talk negatively about others in your town. It could be something completely irrelevant and not pertain to you in any way, but they still bring it up, just to gossip. It almost seems they wait for a break in the conversation to bring up the next name to babble about. While your mind is not nearly as entertained by this small talk as they are.

Your mind wanders when they talk, you think about the world and how there is so much out there you have yet to experience. You think about the adventures you’d love to take and scroll through Instagram looking through photographer’s pages. Rare, natural beauty is what consumes your mind, not names of people you know and if they’ve gained five pounds.

This leads you to realize you don’t enjoy the things you used to, which is perfectly normal. Everyone gets infatuated with certain things for a period of time, whether it be the Wii era or a new app, but interest slowly fades over time.

Just like outgrowing an old love, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is move on and leave them behind.

You start to think about what’s next. You start to picture yourself in different places. You mindlessly start scrolling through job searches in random towns just to see what you can find. You start to realize there is a whole world out there for you to still explore and that there is still time for you to follow your dreams.

I know there is the fear of the unknown. There is the fear of leaving behind the people you do love and whose friendships you still cherish. There are your bosses who are awesome and your co-workers you will have to say goodbye to. But the most important thing to realize about the circle you’ve been drawing around yourself is you can always leave and you can always come back. You are never to old to leave and experience the life you’ve began to start picturing.

The great thing about realizing you’ve outgrown your life is that you can get out. You’ve realized that you have the power to make the change. Life is meant to be lived happily and you’ve noticed how uncomfortable your life is enough to change it before you start slipping through the concrete cracks that seem to trap everyone else in.

Do what is best for you to keep moving forward and no longer feel like you’ve out grown your life; don’t wait until changing to be the least comfortable option. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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