Because She’s A Dreamer

She’s a dreamer.
She wants everything,
At the same time she wants nothing.

She wants adventures,
She wants memories,
But she doesn’t want things.

She fills her head with dreams.
Her mind always wanders.
Her soul urges for more.

Her mind craves exploration.
Her thoughts always wander.
She’s deep in concentration,
Frequently lost in her own mind.

Her thoughts carry through
The depths of the oceans
To the peak of mountain tops.

Through every sunrise
And every sunset,
Her eyes have stories to tell.

Filled with mystery and desire.
Her heart is pure,
Her intentions are good,
Her words are honest.

Through her failure,
She succeeds.

Through her success,
She is humbled.

She has a mind full of memories.
She tells her stories,
But smiles modestly
About all she’s kept to herself.

Her heart races
As she thinks about what’s next
Because nothing is out of reach
For a dreamer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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