22 Ways To Distract Your Bestie From Her Heartbreak That Actually Work

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Breakups are the worst. Especially when they aren’t happening to you.

There’s nothing harder than watching your best friend go through a breakup and realizing that there’s nothing you can do to take away the pain. You’d beat the crap out of him if you could… but you know that’s not a probable option right now.

So instead, there are always ways to distract her and make her feel like the world isn’t going to end.

1. Pack up all his shit, throw it in a box, and leave it in front of his house unannounced with no note or explanation

2. Watch a series of romantic comedies and laugh about how unrealistic they are

3. Buy a ton of ice cream and a few bottles of wine to get sugar high and wasted at the same time

4. Burn all of the love notes that he wrote in an epic garbage can fire so that the remnants will rest in the trash, where they belong

5. Make a long list of all of the things that she hated about him and hang it on the refrigerator

6. Buy her a journal and let her work through her feelings on the pages

7. Go to a local Paint & Sip to drink wine and make shitty artwork at the same time

8. Spend an entire night stargazing and reminiscing about your friendship

9. Make a scrapbook of all her best pictures and funniest moments

10. Cover his face in all their pictures together with cat stickers and draw devil horns

11. Get all dolled up with too your smokey eyes on point and high and go to the bars, even if they’re all casual in your town

12. Approach the cutest guy in the bar, even if he’s totally out of your group’s league, and have her dance with him

13. Do a shot every time that she brings him up so that she’ll associate his name with the burning sting of tequila

14. Find a karaoke bar and sing a classic girls anthem – “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls or “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

15. Take her to a hair salon and encourage her to make a quick choice with her gut

16. Sign up for a kickboxing class to work out some of her anger

17. Binge-watch her favorite TV show, regardless of whether or not you like it

18. Find a new show to watch together and move on to a new chapter

19. Constantly remind her that, no matter what happens, her friends will always be there for her

20. Give her some of your favorite books that show women surviving and thriving, even after breakups- Amy Poehler’s Yes Please is a perfect option

21. Start a new hobby together – whether it’s knitting or belly dancing

22. Let her grieve because sometimes crying is the best way to move on

Even though it seems impossible at times, she’ll get through and maybe you can help her do that by distracting her with something fun and silly.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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