I Am The Love You Could Have Deserved

I Am The Love You Could Have Deserved
Benjaminrobyn Jespersen

I am the ink that spills from your broken pen
I am the crackle of fire and the grace of smoke
I am the single dandelion in a field of bare green
I am the hug you need at the end of the day

I am the whistle of the wind by the sea
I am the time that cools your tea
I am your steady hand when you need one
And your thoughts when you’ve lost your own

I am the words you’d never dream of saying
I am the extra scoop of ice cream you just can’t say no to
I am the one you couldn’t give a damn about
I am the one you’re trying to shake

I am your cleanest skin
I am your favorite name to see
I am the dew on the grass at day break
I am the paper rolling softly in your hand

I know
I know
I know

You are the three seconds it takes for my toast to burn
And the prickles that prick my toes
You are the broken fence paling
And the old paint stains on the floor

I am the love I thought you deserved

I know
I know

I am the love that I deserve

I know

You are the bending willow trees
All tough and mighty and hollow
Hollow, Hollow
All the way through

I know
I know
I know TC mark

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