40 Things I Thought About Saying But Didn’t When We Unexpectedly Ran Into Each Other


1. Every time I go to sleep I wish that you were next to me.
2. I miss your mind.
3. I have four cavities.
4. It’s been over 162 days since we last held hands.
5. I am so mad at you.
6. I forgive you, but I’m resentful.
7. Sometimes I still wear your shirts to bed.
8. I understand the dishes.
9. I’m sorry.
10. I am terrified I won’t be able to love anyone else as much as I loved you.
11. I wonder if you and your new girlfriend have better sex than we did.
12. She probably never forgets to wash a dish.
13. She probably acts like an adult.
14. She definitely does not wake you up in the night to ask you if you know where hamsters originate.
15. I wonder if she rubs your back after work.
16. She better rub your back after work.
17. Do you like your new job?
18. I miss your mom and watching her love you so hard that it drove you crazy.
19. I miss the way your lips would pucker when you were deep in concentration.
20. I miss your body in the shower.
21. I miss counting every freckle on your shoulders.
22. I miss being yours.
23. I miss your laugh when I see someone fall.
24. I miss your butt when I touch other girls’ butts.
25. I only touch them because that’s what I feel like I’m supposed to be doing.
26. When a girl starts to like me, I tell them I can’t love two people at once even though you have disappeared and moved on.
27. Rejection letters from grad school make me feel like dead cow shit.
28. Did you give that grandma cross guard flowers during Christmas time?
29. I learned how to parallel park like a stunt driver.
30. You were the best and worst relationship I have ever had.
31. I broke my left pinky finger trying to close the stove.
32. But a broken heart hurts worse than a broken bone.
33. I assembled a really complicated bed frame from IKEA.
34. I wish we made us work.
35. I ran a 6 minute and 37 second mile.
36. It felt nice to hug you.
37. The whole room felt empty except for us.
38. I have to eat AT LEAST 3 cookies before bed, or I won’t fall asleep.
39. I watched all the Harry Potters.
40. I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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