You Are God’s Greatest Miracle


In the beginning there was nothing but darkness, empty and cold

Suddenly light had appeared and the universe began to unfold

A nebula collapsed and formed our sun

But it didn’t stop there; God’s work had just begun

The remaining dust gathered and entire worlds were forged

And the universe kept expanding, creating thousands of galaxies more

All the known planets were deemed uninhabitable with the Earth as the only exception

But that didn’t stop us from looking beyond our starry horizon

The more exoplanets we found, the more unique the Earth became in our eyes

Possessing a moon to regulate the weather otherwise half the world would be covered in ice

You see, our moon stabilizes the Earth’s axis so it won’t tip over

We are also the only known planet covered in liquid water

Our planet sustains an atmosphere that allows us to breathe

It has a strong enough gravity to keep us down so we won’t float away with ease

The Earth’s core produces a strong magnetic field

It’s to protect us from solar flares, our personal invisible shield

It’s not too cold and it’s not too hot

This perfection only made possible by almighty God

Still monsters continue to loom in the darkest parts of the galaxy

Stars can become vampires, they can even become zombies

A star could pass by as far as the Kuiper Belt

It could suck the life out of our sun and its warmth would no longer be felt

The planets would fall out of orbit and collide with one another

Entire worlds subjected to chaos, mourning the loss of their solar mother

Our sun could also burn up all the hydrogen at its core

Blanketing the Earth in darkness, producing a worldwide uproar

Everything we built could easily be destroyed

All it would take is a big enough asteroid

Let’s not forget the black holes that would eat anything in their path

The predators of the universe, we’d just be another one of their snacks

Every day the Andromeda galaxy is inching ever so close

In anticipation of a battle with the Milky Way, two galactic foes

Life is so fragile and yet millions of years later, here we are

We continue to strive for greatness, to go beyond the stars

We have evolved into creatures of higher intelligence

Capable of innovation, of solving the world’s problems

This existence is not an accident but a product of God’s divine intervention

God gave us this miracle because of His love for us, a love we couldn’t possibly fathom

I refuse to believe that the universe was created out of luck or chance

The universe is not without purpose, it’s all according to God’s plan. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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