This Is What It Means To Be The Girl Who’s Beautifully Broken

Larisa Birta

Behind her mask, there was a princess locked in a tower
Such a gentle soul, a naïve little flower
Years passed but still no one came
No one came to save her, to take away her pain

She wiped away her stray tears
She put her tiara down and swallowed her fears
She grabbed the sword leaning against the locked door
She decided she couldn’t wait for someone to save her anymore

She realized no one would save her but herself
That day, she decided she would no longer ask for help
She slayed her own dragon, the one that kept guard
She didn’t feel better though, her soul shattered into shards

It’s amazing really, what a smile can hide
You would never think that the soul beneath had already died
She acts as if nothing has happened
But the truth is, the girl beneath is marred and bent

She’s the girl no one would expect
That’s because she gives the illusion that her life is perfect
You could not fathom the darkness of her pain and suffering
Despite that, she still chose to be kind, compassionate and caring

The lack of love she acquired, she wants to give to everybody else
She secretly dreams of the day where she can hear the wedding bells
She endeavors to understand because she knows what it’s like to be misunderstood
She convinces everyone “they can” because no one ever told her “she could”

She genuinely listens because she knows what it’s like to be ignored
She gives people pieces of herself probably more than she can afford
She will pull you up because she knows what it was like to drown
She’s the type of girl who can turn your day around

She’ll offer you her shoulder, a listening ear
She’ll listen to all the frustrations everyone else refused to hear
She will always be there because she knows what it’s like to feel alone
She’s the type to never forget the acts of kindness you’ve shown

She notices everything that gives off even the tiniest piece of light
She spent so long in the dark that to her everything seems bright
She’ll help you carry the weight on your shoulders
If only to prevent your heart from growing any colder

She’s the girl who matured with the damage
She chose to be strong and not dwell on the carnage
So remember to heed the words that she has spoken
Here’s to the girls who have been beautifully broken.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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