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This Is Why We Run Away When We’re Close To Discovering Ourselves

What are the odds that the people we meet can make us see us better than if we were to self-actualize? How many cases out of billions of human encounters in the world are instances when we meet those who let us realize who we truly are, occurring at the exact moment of us questioning our existence, our purpose? What are the odds that we deny others entry into our lives just because we’re terrified of how they are able to expose more of who we are, more than what we are willing to admit?

Strange, isn’t it? That we have this deep desire inside us to search for our purpose, for the meaning of life, yet once we see hints of getting closer to the answer, we stop. We leave, with no trails left behind, only to avoid seeing what we’ve been seeking. We run from people who show us who we are or what we’re made up of because we’re frightened of our truth. The truth of why we are the way we are, why we act the way we do, why we become tamed or untamed beasts, constantly shifting, depending on life circumstances.

We want to be constantly on the run, though we deny that. We want to have something to look forward to. That is why we set alarms for the next day, why we get excited to go on trips, why we book flights way ahead of time, why we make plans to meet people, organize events, or celebrate the littlest of our achievements. It’s way better to have reasons to wake up to each day rather than continuously play parts on a monotonous 9-to-5 routine. We move non-stop. We keep going and searching for whatever might add excitement into our lives.

I believe that is the basis of why people associate meeting the one with experiencing the slo-mo effect. We are persistently chasing something, so we get this slow motion effect when the person runs toward our direction, putting up an obstacle in our path. It can happen to anyone. What’s sad is when this occurs to us but we choose to think that it’s nothing but a glitch that we have to fix, thus we get scared to make a full stop, thinking that this would only mean to find an excuse of our indolence in the never-ending chase. We take encounters like this for granted and forget that not everyone gets the chance.

We miss out on life’s true essence because we’re scared to share parts of ourselves, assuming that there’s nothing left for us to achieve once we do. We push people away as soon as they are able to uncover our deepest and darkest desires and fears. We forget that they have their own secrets too. We let our anxieties get the best of us, then think that they’ll know better and just leave us. Little do we know, we are the ones who make them.

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