For The Person Who Worries A Little Too Much

I pray that you get over the feeling of doubt. I pray that you live a little more carefree as days go by. I pray that you take it easy on yourself.

Everything that has happened to you is not entirely your fault; do not treat those occurrences as something you could still control. Do not let your worries get the best of you. Stop worrying if you are being too little or too much, because people who deserve you know that you are neither of the two. Stop stressing yourself with the social belief that if you get too joyous, you’ll end up despondent after some time. Stop thinking that people who try to get along with you have damaging motives or will knock your walls down only to fool you, then make you feel like you are an unsolvable dilemma.

Let yourself breathe and live with some hope that you qualify to have spectacular things in life—more than what this wicked world has shown you. Indeed, it is hard to stay positive in a time where negativity and malevolence have been fostered more than optimism and love. Yet you have to keep the burning desire inside you that it is still possible to nurse our bleeding, melancholic world.

Do not let anything or anyone annihilate that fire, for it is when that fire dies that the hope for bliss and blessings diminish. It can all fade away in a snap if you let it all be sapped. It’s always more of the undying truth that you partially control what comes down on you; at the end of every day, you only have yourself to blame or to thank. Stop controlling every situation just because you are scared that if you don’t, they will all go wrong. Your ways are not always right, and trying to force everything to go as you planned will only cause you greater pain. Draw near to God and have faith that He has this organized even before you move to strategize.

You are so much more than your traumatic experiences. You will be fine if you let things flow on their own once in a while. You deserve to have a blithe spirit. You deserve to inhale deeply whenever you want to cherish good air, not just because you need to put your needy and anxious heart to rest. Dry your tears—you are so much more than your worries and fears.

My inability to feel gives me the ability to write.

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