What It Really Feels Like To Have An Incredibly Attractive Boyfriend

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You feel lucky. You feel beautiful.

Well, not all the time.

When you’re an average girl with an extremely good-looking guy, there’s more to feeling lucky and #blessed. Don’t get me wrong. Surely, you will feel grateful to have a guy who’s more than perfect for you. But, there will always come a point where his good looks and great personality take a toll on you.

You feel inferior.

Everyone around him says nothing but compliments. When you first introduce him to the people around you, you can see their eyes lighten up, some of them, stunned. Most would vocally say, “What a good‐looking man.” On the flip-side, when he introduces you to his own circle, you get a, “Hi, hello, nice to meet you.” Just like everybody else. People smile back at you, but you can see their eyes saying, “she must be kind and smart” or “maybe she has a cool personality.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with typical impressions. It just makes you feel less.

Truth be told, there is no point in comparing. But it’s irresistible to feel insecure when you see how pleasing your boyfriend is to everyone. It’s a given that many girls are attractive to him. Sometimes, it will make you feel more undeserving than jealous. There are times when you feel unworthy, just because he is way out of your league. The more you stare at his gorgeous face, the more you start feeling ugly for yourself.

You feel pressured.

Of course you have to step up your A-­game. Always. The public eye is a meticulous one. Walking in public places with him is not solely a romantic stroll, but is also a conscious walk. You get used to people gazing at him with amusement, while you get the second look of judgment. So, you struggle to put forward your nicest facade and engage in the most pleasing manner, while he remains effortlessly good-­looking.

You strive hard to look good and act nice as much as you can to at least be a presentable partner, even if it entails stepping out of your comfort zone.

You feel like he steals your show.

Everywhere you go, everyone looks for him. Your family. your friends. your workmates and even your boss. The thing with a handsome guy with an incredible personality is he’s not forgotten. People enjoy his company. Everyone wants to be associated with him. So when you let him in your circle, be ready to be the second best. Sometimes, it’s as if they want him there more than you. Everyone is so attached to him that you feel like your very existence depends on whether he is present or not.

You feel dependent. You feel like your worth is less valued.

You feel lucky.

Not because you’re fortunately in a relationship with a ridiculously attractive man. You feel lucky for he makes you feel great in times when you think less of yourself. Despite him being perfect, he chose you ­‐ the average girl who is never average for him. When you feel low, he tells you that you’re beautiful. That you’re more than enough. That you are loved just the way you are. He doesn’t want you to change for him. Those times when you feel like he’s always the star of the show, he holds your hand and shares the spotlight with you.

Most of all, you feel wonderful to see how great he is from the inside. For when others see his gorgeous face, astounding personality and irresistible charm, he lets you see through his soul. You see his flaws. You feel his frustrations. You realize that he’s imperfect, just like everybody else. He’s as insecure as you are. He’s pressured of all grand impressions. You begin to realize that there’s not much room for your self­‐doubt. To you, he is most vulnerable. What else would that make you feel?

You feel lucky. You feel beautiful.

Well, most of the time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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