Thank You For Helping Me Understand What It Means To Let Go

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They say, “Yesterday’s love is tomorrow’s regret.”

That’s a lie.

If there are some ways to turn back the hands of time to the moment before I met you, I wouldn’t make a different decision. I wouldn’t change anything, in spite of all the sorrows.

Yes, I wouldn’t change anything at all if given a chance. And if I did, I shouldn’t have met myself. I shouldn’t have known what it is like to take care of myself in solitude and to fall in love with myself.

Life is easier now and it is because I decided to make peace with myself, to forgive myself because of the dark cloud over my expectations in some areas of my life, to stop tormenting myself from the memories of the past. I now have a home within my heart and within myself. And I can say that I am now moving forward confidently to what is possible in the future I have made for myself. I am no longer afraid or uncertain, and have no regrets. I do not anticipate. I simply wait. I think of all the people I temporarily and permanently lost but without pain.

Life is at times a mess but beautiful, too. When we clean our hearts from pain and sweep our minds from uncertainties and worries, everything seems ubiquitous and everything is within reach.

It’s true, real happiness comes from me, not from others.

I thank you for letting me see the other side of the coin. Thank you because you let me understand the meaning of letting go and moving on. That the only way to hold on to people we love is to let them go, to let them do what they need to do regardless of the risks and to accept life just the way it is.

With letting go, I didn’t give up. I did grow.

Perhaps it’s better this way. Sometimes we meet few wonderful people but it’s only a brief moment. They touched our lives for a moment but in a very special way. And instead of being lonely because they can’t be with us forever, isn’t it better to be happy that we met them?

It has been a pleasure to know you. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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