Always Remember That True Love Lives On Forever

Dani Vivanco / Unsplash

I believe when they say, “true love lives on forever.”

I believe in eternity. I believe in paradise. I believe in heaven. And I believe in true love.

It is the kind of love that will never really be erased no matter what happens later. It is the kind of love that you do not have to do anything to earn it because it’s simply given.

True love is immeasurable.

It is a kind of love that is beyond measure and beyond the limits. It reaches to the burning rays of the golden sun. It goes up to the highest sky, over the horizon down to the deepest pit. It goes up high than the tallest mountain and stretches beyond the farthest sea.

True love is powerful and it conquers all.

For even if the truths hit like the scary cracks of lightning and thunder during dry and blazing summer days, even if the whole mountain falls and crashes down, even if the whole ground opens and swallows the whole being, even if the ocean’s raging waves of water breaks and engulfs, even if the burning desert heats the very soul- believe me, true love will survive it all.

True love is noble and pure.

There is no fear. There are no expectations, no conditions, and no limitations are being set. It gives but never takes in return. It is unselfish and always giving. It’s willing to sacrifice and suffer. It’s proudly bear the scars of a broken heart, yet forgives. It always hopes, dreams and will never be discouraged. It doesn’t ignore and it doesn’t look the other way. There is no room for envy, jealousy, and possessiveness.

True love doesn’t leave.

It stays forever and lasts. The feeling of true love will never die; it will remain until the last drop of infinity runs out. It is the burning kisses you taste on your lips over and over again; it is a taste of love that never leaves. It is always, always fixed in firm and perfect patterns. It is an intricate tattoo on the heart of eternity. It is a bridge of forever, arching above the sea-living mysteries of life with the challenges of impossible odds. TC mark

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