17 Truths To Remember During Your Worst Times

Despite what we’ve heard in countless fairy tales, there’s no guarantee that people who get into a relationship will live happily ever after. Sometimes, things go wrong, terribly wrong. Even with the best intentions, we find ourselves in a relationship full of resentment, hostility, unrest, and misery. Yes, there is no heartache quite like the pain of an unhappy and broken life.

Whatever your troubling circumstances are, whether you’re brokenhearted over a loss of a loved one, or disillusioned because a dearest one has betrayed or rejected you. You can always love yourself. You may be deeply depressed or perhaps you’re plagued by loneliness and discouragement but you can be confident that you are under God’s watchful eye. You can always say with confidence that God will never leave you alone. He sees you all the time.

And if your heart is broken into bits and pieces, here are few lessons that must be learned and not to be taken the wrong way:

1. Although the relationship’s sickness may not be cured, God’s grace can make you cured.

2. In acceptance, you find peace and love.

3. Sorrow can be good for the soul. It can uncover hidden depths in yourself. It causes you to think earnestly about yourself. It makes you ponder your motives, your intentions and your interests. And the most beautiful thing is that, you get to know yourself as never before.

4. Spending quiet time with yourself can bring you a quiet rest from within.

5. Life isn’t a dry book if you know its author.

6. Stop listening to lies and find the ability to hear the truth.

7. God fills your heart with peace when you pour your heart with forgiveness and acceptance.

8. Love is the shortest route between your heart and happiness.

9. There’s a pain in your heart that only you can heal.

10. Forgiving is the true measure of love, remember this always.

11. Even in life’s darkest hour, you can still have the brightest ray of hope.

12. Each new day gives you new reason to sing a song and dance a new step.

13. Pain, when you accept it with patience and humility, will lead you to a deeper and fuller life.

14. Everyone is looking for happiness. People follow many avenues trying to find it. And happiness always depends on what you are and not what you have.

15. A heart in tune with love can’t help but sing with beautiful songs.

16. Hatred will leave you when you realize that you were created with a heart to love.

17. Allow God to touch your broken heart with His peace.

It’s true, you haven’t learned to live a beautiful life until you’ve learned to forgive the people who have caused you pain and forget what’s hurting deep in your heart. TC mark

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