If You’re Lucky Enough To Find This Kind Of Person, Never Let Them Go

If You Find This Kind Of Person, Never Let Them Go
João Silas

You know that they are a keeper when you don’t feel even just a hint of fear of losing them because you already know that no matter what happens, they will come through for you. If you ever drift apart, you’ll find a way back to each other because it’s more important to be in each other’s lives.

They will tease you, they annoy you for the fun of it, but they will never purposely cross the line. If they do cross the line, they will feel worse than you do and will try absolutely anything to make things right.

They will know every possible way to console you when the weight of the world has fallen down on your shoulders because they just know you that well, more than anyone in the world. They will go through hell and back just to make sure that you will eventually feel better because seeing you in pain is more excruciating to them than you could imagine.

Every redeeming quality that you have are rendered useless as to only your presence makes them feel better. They feel the content that some people never find in a lifetime.

They look past their wants as long as it hinders your chance to grow, no matter how long ago those dreams precede you. You will always be more valuable to them. They will eventually find the time to fulfil these yearnings but for now, they will focus on your opportunities to move forward.

Every mistake you’ve had and will ever make will be neglected. They already trust you enough to know that you have learned from them and that you never did them on purpose.

This person understands that things won’t always go the way you want them to, but it won’t matter because the things that do go the way you pictured them will always outweigh the misfortunes.

They won’t just be your Friday nights. They are your Saturday and Sunday mornings. They are not the light beer and tequila shots that you regret. They are the iced tea and the good book that calmed the deepest troubles that you had.

Even in their subconscious, you are already familiar. You remind them of almost everything that they ever touch, smell, feel, hear or taste. Whether it’s the coffee you had the first time you met, the green sundress you wore on that warm summer day or the song that played on the radio on your fifth road trip.

They will convince you that you deserve every bit of blessing that you will ever receive because you’re a good person.

Trying to win you over repeatedly doesn’t feel like an obligation for them. Making you feel contented with your connection with them won’t feel like work, but something that they long to do. They’re doing it because they want to. It won’t matter if they have failed to amuse you. They will never get tired of attempting to keep you from feeling insignificant or unloved.

They will be honest. They’re not afraid to hurt your feelings if it means that it will direct you to be the person you will be proud to be.

But most importantly, you would do all of these for them and be anything for them, in a heartbeat. Because they aren’t just the enticing people that drives you to be someone that you want to be, but the warmth that tells you it’s okay to be whoever you want to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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