5 Things Every Girl Looking For Love Should Stop Doing


1. Stop waiting for your phone to light up with a text or call from him.
He’s probably busy having fun with his family or friends, or working hard to graduate or pay the bills. You should probably do the same.

2. Stop tweeting “A hot cup of coffee sounds really good right now” and expect a boy to leave one at your doorstep at 4 in the morning, because even at 4 in the afternoon, it—and especially he—won’t be there. Learn to make your own damn coffee.

3. Stop thinking that the reason he hasn’t fallen for you yet is that there’s something wrong with you or that there’s something practically undateable about you. You’re a great girl, and you deserve someone who makes you feel like you’re Beyoncé.

4. Stop thinking that being single, or in other words being alone, is a bad thing. You are your own priority, and you dictate your own terms and your own goals 100% of the time.

5. Stop acting like no one loves you just because he doesn’t, at least maybe not in that way. Look around you. Notice when your best friend texts you a “Good luck!” before every big test. Notice when your mom gets up early just to brew that pot of coffee for you and the rest of the family. Notice when your dad tells you that no guy will ever be good enough for his babygirl. Notice how great it actually is to be single—meeting new people, worrying about your own problems and no one else’s, not having to share your food—and that giving up all those privileges for someone who doesn’t think of you as the best thing in his life, probably isn’t worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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