5 Unmistakable Ways Being With A Scorpio Will Completely Change Your Life

5 Unmistakable Ways Being With A Scorpio With Completely Change Your Life
Seth Doyle

Scorpios are ones of nature’s enigmas. To the outside world, they remain a maze to be tackled every day, only to find yourself returning to the same point where you started. They were born with the ultimate gift of all—harnessing the magic of the universe in their souls. They represent the undiscovered, the unseen, and indescribable. They are the unknown incarnate in a form of flesh and bones, they are the link between our material world and the underworld, the surfers of our galaxies and the underworld.

And for that reason, they are the most perplexing beings you can encounter for they have the power to completely and abruptly transform you. Because if there’s one guarantee you can have with a Scorpio, it’s that you will never be the same after you get to know them. And there’s no escape, whether you like it or not, from the fact that you’ll find yourself thanking them.


There’s no loyalty like a Scorpio’s loyalty—they are what you call the ride or die type. The worst crime of all for a Scorpio is betrayal even in the tiniest and finest of matters, it’s the one thing they despise the most. So they would never betray you with so much as an uttered word. A Scorpio is the best guard for your vault of secrets, the ones you outwardly told them, the ones you didn’t and the ones you don’t know about yourself. They’re made of steel that would never let a secret escape.


You never have to explain what you’re feeling or thinking about to a Scorpio, they’re especially gifted when it comes to discerning people’s mental or emotional flow, your psyche is as transparent to them as if it were to lie behind a faintly blusher veil, and they easily master the ability to scroll through it at any point, and as scary as that might seem, it lifts such a burden of having to explain, because they will always know.

Tough Love

Scorpios are the masters of tough love. They don’t believe in watching from afar while their beloved wrestle with the demons residing in the shadow of their suns, they will instead cast a blinding light on them, bringing the waves of your darkness to a boiling point until you face it all and rise victorious amongst the ashes, and in that they grant you the greatest empowerment you will ever find.


Scorpios are the most amazing teachers there can be, simply because the kind of lessons they offer are nowhere else to be found, they not only teach you about the colliding realms of life and death, but also how to navigate them, and steer the waves of chaos in order to birth yourself anew. Their ability to pierce the surface ceiling and dive deeper, fiercely into the undivulged, that easily transcends all that’s set in stone will truly inspire you and assure you that there’s always more beyond what you see.


Scorpios have the kind of dark and dry humor that’s deeply cathartic, they can see the humorous side of every dark situation, they turn them into hilarious punchlines that in stead of tucking them away for eternity, you will always be tempted to bring them up and laugh out loud at them, it suddenly becomes a funny throwback to how you overcame and prevailed those times. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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