Why Being Cheated On Makes You Want To Love Harder

Why Being Cheated On Makes You Want To Love Harder
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Being cheated on is exactly what you think it is. It hurts. It’s paralyzing. It’s confusing. It’s something you will never understand.

You never thought it would happen to you. You put them before you. You put their happiness before yours. You bent over backwards. You were in love. You felt the power of love, the thing that everyone is chasing. You gave them your precious time. Your energy. Your trust. Your money. Your hard work. Your everything.

You let down that wall that you’ve been building. You were vulnerable. You hung on every word they told you. You believed them when they called you beautiful. You told them your deepest, darkest secrets.

They were your future. They made you feel on top of the world. They were the ultimate euphoria.

Then your life was flipped upside down.

First came sadness. You are confused. You are debilitated by betrayal. You can’t speak or find words. Your heart is shattered. You feel empty. You feel alone. Your trust is gone. There is no foundation. You start questioning everything they told you. You think it’s a dream. You start to ask yourself what went wrong, what could you have done. You start to blame yourself.

You start to understand these depressing feelings. You find yourself in a low and dark place that you’ve never explored before. You are lost. You are blinded. You are numb.

Anger creeps in. You can’t produce any more tears. You don’t care about what they did; you care about what they were thinking. You realize they weren’t worth it. They weren’t deserving of your love. They didn’t love you. They didn’t respect you.

Time goes on and you start to understand love. You understand the passion that love gives you. You understand why so many people chase this feeling. You know what you can give. You know that someone is out there willing to give it back. You believe that you can love someone harder. Love someone willing. Love someone to the core.

Being cheated on makes you appreciate the intricacies of love. It makes you stronger. It makes you want love more. It makes you want to love harder. It makes you want to find love that lasts forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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