7 Things Only People Whose Parents Are Divorced Understand

I have very few memories of my parents being married before I turned 6. The seldom times I can recall include a lot of yelling, crying, and maybe parts of that one trip to Disney World. By the time I was 18, my dad had been married and divorced three times, and my mom re-married. Whenever I tell somebody that my parent’s are divorced, they always seem to sympathetically apologize. I never understood that. Like, no, I’M sorry that you don’t get double the Hanukkah presents because your parents are still in love. Whether your parents have been divorced for a while, or recently decided to split, here are some reasons why being the child of a divorced family really isn’t so bad…

1. The separation happened for a reason. Even if it’s hard to understand, it’s for the better. Why would you want your parents together when all they do is fight?

2. We’ve learned what not to do. Some people say that children with divorced parents are more likely to have problems with their own marriage. I say we’ll have fewer problems because we’ve seen firsthand what leads to a failed marriage.

3. Two houses. Need a break from one parent? There’s always an outlet. Plus, you get to decorate two rooms which means two closets that need to be filled…

4. We’ve gained more siblings. Remarriages often result in half- or step-siblings. If my parents never divorced, I wouldn’t have my younger half-sister who has completely changed my world for the better.

5. Parents’ weekend comes twice. Away at college? Studying overseas? If your parents are divorced, that means you will have a parent visiting on two separate occasions. That’s TWO weekends of free expensive dinners and fancy hotel rooms!

6. Double the holidays. Double the presents. Having divorced parents means having to celebrate each holiday twice. Two 21st birthday gifts. Two Christmases. Two Thanksgiving meals?!?! Need I say more?

7. They’re always on your side. Fighting with your mom? In most cases, your dad will never side with his ex-wife. Need something but your dad said no? Your mom will want to help you out to one up her ex-husband. For you, it’s a win-win.

Coming from a broken home has its downfalls. But I promise if you start to consider these benefits, you’ll be the one feeling sorry for your friends whose parents aren’t divorced. Mostly because they only get one Thanksgiving meal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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