5 Things You’ll Miss About Living In A Sorority House (And 5 Things You Won’t)

The House Bunny
The House Bunny

Chances are you’ll miss:

1. The 50+ closets to pick from. Odds are on any given night out the only thing you’re wearing that’s actually yours is your underwear… and that’s even debatable. 

2. That there’s always food. Whether it’s bagel breakfast, lining up for dinner at 5:30, or late-nighting the leftovers… you will never go hungry. Especially because there will always be chips and oyster crackers in the cabinets. 

3. Having a roommate. There’s something about the late-night pillow talk and hung-over mornings that make the lack of personal space worth it. 

4. Your house mom. She genuinely cares about your daily activities and bakes for finals, holidays, and just because. 

5. Somebody always wanting to do what you want. Whether you want to go out, stay in, order sushi, or dance in the kitchen to old 90’s songs, there’s going to be somebody who is down to do it with you.

But you probably won’t miss:

1. The bathrooms. It’s just so hard for the last person in the stall to change the toilet paper roll. And somebody is always in your shower when you need it. 

2. Not being able to cook. Having no access to a stove or oven is extremely detrimental for the times you’d love an omelet for breakfast or need to make brownies now. 

3. The house Facebook message. There’s nothing more annoying than endless vibrations while you’re napping or taking a test. You’ll find out what lunch is when you get home. And yes, we’re all home, but no, nobody is going to get out of bed to let you in because you forgot your key.

4. The distractions. You’re better off going straight to the library because chances are if you attempt to do work in the basement you’re going to instead end up having deep conversations about life or playing catchphrase for hours.

5. The extreme temperatures. It’s either so hot that you have to sleep naked or so cold that you have to sleep in your parka. 

But really, the oyster crackers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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