I Need You, Even When I Push You Away

Marcelo Matarazzo

I need you to hold my hand.

I need to feel your body surrounding mine, because it makes me feel secure and cared for.

I need you to make me feel safe.

I need you to let me know me you love me, because I am still learning how to love myself.

I need you to gaze into my eyes and swear to me that you will never let me go.

I need you to remind me that I am the one for you.

I need you to kiss me with all the passion inside you.

I need you to see me at my worst, and love me even more because of it.

I need you open yourself to me, to trust me when I say I will forever protect the emotions you hide so well.

I need you to be painstakingly careful with my heart, because although it is stronger than before, it is still fragile.

I need you to always remain true to me, because I covet no other but you.

I need you to be honest with me in everything, and know that I will never judge you.

I need you to help me heal my wounds; because although I endured them long ago, they are as fresh as the day I received them.

I need you to need me as much as I do you.

I need this, even when I tell you I don’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I am a creative writer and have been putting my pen to paper for as long I can remember. I keep it real and honest, and I want people to know they are not alone.

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