5 Simple Ways To Overhaul Your Life (Instead Of Just Talking About It)


1. Find an accountability partner.

An accountability partner is someone who: won’t be afraid to call you out when you’re slipping, will empower you to go bigger and better, and is someone who wants to see you succeed. Make sure each of you has clarity on the goals. Touch base once a day to review the achievements and challenges.

2. Don’t just talk about it. Be about it.

Your social media posts are either an “image” or a mirror of your life. Are you who you post to be?

Consistency is the key to success. Can you identify any activities, individuals, or things in your life that are acting as resistance to the direction you want to head in?

Start getting in alignment with what you want and the person you want to become. If you want to improve your fitness or wellness, immerse yourself in information on being healthy, go to places that are healthy and surround yourself with people who inspire you to be healthy. Simple math.

3. Set realistic goals and set objectives too.

Goal-setting can often set you up for failure. Instead of saying simply, “I will eat healthy,” make it measurable. I will eat healthy meals five days a week.

Under each goal put at least 2–3 objectives. Objectives are the steps you’ll actually take to meet that goal. For example, objectives for the goal above would be: a) I will bring lunch to work instead of purchasing it, b) I will go food shopping every Friday, and c) I will decline plans that are not in alignment with this goal.

Allow yourself to start small if that makes it easier. Maybe this month you’ll do the groundwork for accomplishing the larger goal next month.

4. Tweak your routine and schedule.

Netflix will still be there next month, I promise. Take an inventory of your time. Where are you investing time that could be better spent otherwise? Could you get up half an hour earlier to make room for something productive?

Something I’ve learned from my spirit animal and business expert, Marie Forleo, is scheduling blocks of time for each task you need to accomplish. For example, estimate how long it will take for you to do an errand, objective, or task. Take a few minutes the night before to schedule each item in your calendar. This will help you be realistic about the time you have and it will also keep you focused throughout the day.

Some books I recommend for improving your daily habits are: The Power of Habit and The Miracle Morning.

5. To borrow from DJ Khaled: stay away from THEY.

Let me guess. You probably can think of a time, in the past week, in which you gave some sort of “yes” to someone that you didn’t want to.

Start giving yourself permission to say NO. Boundaries are healthy when they protect your energy and elevate you. Who do you spend the most time with? How do they make you feel energetically; drained or inspired? Are they inviting you out to party or are they bringing value and mental stimulation to the table?

When I think of THEY (according to DJ Khaled’s snapchat “THEY” are individuals who consciously or unconsciously don’t want you to succeed), I think of people who would rather you stay the same instead of evolve. Who has time for that? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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