9 Incredibly Productive Ways You Can Spend Time Online


Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

1. Wikipedia main page

Most people get to Wikipedia through the search. However, their main page contains curated collections on topics that you would have no idea of. Good ways to open your mind to new things.

2. Grovo

Build your Internet skills 60 seconds at a time.

3. Lumosity

Brain Training. Like any other muscle, our brain needs a constant workout. Lumosity provides a collection of exercises that sharpens the brain.

4. Lifehacker

Find out ways to do everyday things better. Although, their quality has come down a bit, there are still plenty of gems hidden in there that could simplify things.

5. Stack Overflow

If you are a developer, this is your library, town hall and temple.

6. Gibbon

Playlists for Learning: Learn stuff from curated content.

7. Learn X in Y minutes

Learn programming languages.

8. Redhoop

Search through top online courses in Khanacademy, Coursera, Udacity and others.

9. 100 (Free) Ways To Learn to Speak Another Language

Self-explanatory! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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