Girls With High Standards Will Wait For A Love Like This

Girl with high standards
Unsplash / Jonathan Daniels

We’ve known of each other long before we knew each other.

Our souls are aligned and cosmically connected, so when we share the same space and our flesh connects, we will know it was the universe bringing us together for a reason.

There will be no denying it nor will we want to, we will be ready.

Because I know this to be true, I have no problem patiently waiting for you.

You get me.

That I am overflowing with life, love, and an intense desire for a bliss filled existence.

You understand what I mean when I declare that I need it real, raw, and full of substance.

You are innately aware of who you are and what you desire, traits I require.

You accept and direct. Perceive and pursue. Be and do.

You breathe with intention.

You highlight my calm clarity and zen integrity, and I your relentless effort and audacious ideals.

There is no denying your spunk, my bravado, our unabashed vibrance. For we are but two sides of the same coin. A mirrored reflection of unadulterated ambition.

Your marvelous, masculine moxie balances my flighty, feminine fantasies.

Like the sea and the shore we are astutely independent and yet undeniably interconnected.

Autonomously we are incredible, simultaneously we are unstoppable.

Thank you for understanding how important it is for me to live outrageously.

Thank you for jumping on planes, boats, buses, and trains.

Thank you for wanting only my body and breath to keep you warm, wanting my love and banter to keep you sane.

Thank you for camping in high altitudes, in foreign countries with few necessities. For exploring cuisine, culture, and the inner workings of my hearts desires.

You are a man of valor, unafraid to expose that which you fear.

You do not trudge in metal boots to protect your achilles heel.

I cannot thank you enough for being vulnerable, for being bold.

Attributes that will not falter, despite our growing old.

We care not that our life is one most people can’t conceive.

We do not contemplate what other people can’t believe.

Trust, honor, ethics, passion, and the need to savor every breathe we can fuels us.

Our experiences have taught us that life is too short and no matter how great, some of the best go early.

So we live veraciously, full on, and without fear.

You are a God and I a Goddess.

Our kingdom is a craft and our lifestyle, a legacy.

Your unwavering dedication to that which stirs your soul and catapults your ambitions inspires me. 

Your ability to dream and do, patiently wait for what you deeply desire allures me.

Understand that you never once have to publish your innermost fears for the world to read, but you will do well to remember that I am not the world.

There is only one of me.

I will not lose sleep pursing your lust and proving my worth.

I am at peace with who I am and can tap into my capacity.

A man at my side will not alter those convictions.

Instead, I will spend a lifetime affirming your understanding of the woman you worship.

Together, we will ascend into our love, as partners powerfully presiding.

I demand a lot, I know. But I offer as much as I require.

I will protect your heart.

I will honor your creativity and intelligence.

I will inspire you to live life fully, without fear and despite failure.

I will care for your well-being when your focus to conquer leaves you neglecting yourself.

I will make you laugh every single day and smile wide from your heart.

I will delightfully fulfill your wildest desires.

When you speak, I will listen.

When you act, I will respond.

I will joyously contribute to our wealth, health, and happiness.

Above all else and before all others, we will be intrinsically connected.

I will not stifle or suffocate you.

I will not fear losing you to your ambitions, impulses, and aspirations.

I promise to love you openly and honestly.

Fuck that, I will love you fiercely and unconditionally.

I will list the attributes that make you the man that so many admire.

I will proudly profess your excellence.

I will remind you that you are made of salt, grit, and greatness.

All I request is that our love makes me feel blessed.

It is not an easy task, to proudly stand with a confident woman.

We are an undeniable force of nature.

A woman of substance can squash a small-minded man, which is why, my love, you are far from small-minded.

You do not balk at the word feminist; you do not lose power over your partner’s palpable prowess.

We embrace our successes, for they are intrinsically connected.

I know this is a tall order.

Let me be clear, my intentions have always been to scare the weak-willed away.

The thing is, I like being alone far more than I can stand being with a man who will not demand these standards of himself and for his partner.

Singledom does not scare me – be it in my 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s.

Being in a relationship and committing to someone who does not embody and desire this for and of himself is what terrifies me.

There are nearly seven and a half billion people in this world. I don’t pretend to know who is out there, and yet I refuse to believe that a love like this is not.

And so I will wait.

For a connection that will clarify why it has not worked with anyone else.

For a man who will not simply make love to me but rather make magic with me. Whose synergy will buckle our knees and elevate our consciousness.

For a man to be be authentic, bold, and brave, alongside me.

Who feels that our days apart are made better because of our nights together.

Whose trust is paramount and passion unprecedented.

If you can imagine, even for a moment, what it would be like to share a bond like that. I dare say you’d indulge.

Stand in that space and your truth will be revealed. I am asking you to know yourself. For, I am a woman who knows myself.

It’s important that you understand this before we begin, because I will be hurt and scarred if you withhold. I’ve been down that road before and I refuse to return to that belittled way being. I have nothing left to allocate to squanderers and wasters of my precious energy.

I would rather wait.

Our time will come and when it does, we will be ready. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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