I Have a Purpose And It Doesn’t Include You

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I was not born to be hurt this badly. I was not born to be thrown around like a ball, destroyed by hands that scraped their nails on my skin. Ripped. And destroyed. I was not born to be ruined by the eyes that I fell for the deepest, played with by the heart that I always thought to be mine already.

I was not born to be abused. I was not born to become anybody’s fool, to be taken advantage of, time and time again until I became nothing more than a body to be used. I was not born to serve as you wish of me.

I was not born to be a mere player. With no control. I was not born to play the game I was always destined to lose, with a part of my life taken every round for your entertainment. I was not born to follow whatever you ask me to, watching as my dignity takes itself away from me because I am undeserving.

Because you made me feel undeserving.

You make me feel like I wasn’t worth it anymore.

I was not born to nod passively. I was not born to be pushed around like a lackey, with each of my step a shadow of yours. I was not born to be anything you asked me to be, wasting my life away under your hand.

I was born to be a leader, a person of my own right. I was born to make my own decisions, control my own life with my own hands. I was born to serve myself, to become the person I’ve always imagined myself to be.

Yes, I was born to be hurt, but not so repeatedly that I become used to it anymore. I was born to fight back, take what’s mine and claim my own territory. I was born to become an evidence of independence, a soldier that fought for my own beliefs and paradigms.

I was born to learn, grow up in my roots and not in the shelter of others. I was born to fly, to soar as high as I want to. I was born to step on the universe, shaking the ground of the land I step on because I am the king.

I was born to be a person who is human and sane. I was born to feel what I want to feel. I was born to decide. I was born to rise. Honey, I was never born for you and you only.

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