Humans are quite renowned for finding love and faith in diverse absurdities, making so much ado out of trifles has become a passion. We concoct the most ludicrous lies with great gusto and fervor such that everyone is made to believe they live in some sort of wonderland fairy tale. Yet, of the numerous scams invented by man, none has been known to downrightly rob people of their saneness like the scam called horoscope. Although such ridiculousness of an idea never struck my scientific nature, the rate at which the whole human race blindly clings to these conjecture of lies for their existence baffles. Everyone everywhere is horoscopically disillusioned, ignorantly professing love for what they know not, only for the placeboic effect it brings.

How on earth can you jolly tell if a man will be rich, or if he will have a bad day by simply staring at the constellation and taking notes of shifts in starry location, or isn’t that the basis for horoscopes? Who exactly is reading these stars? Are they read on a personal basis or geographically? Are starry arrangement the same for different countries taking into consideration weather and climate differences? What happens on rainy, star-less nights? Could it be inferred that children born the same hour such as twins would share the same fortune and misfortunes? Apparently, someone(s) somewhere is having physical pleasure at the detriment of our sanity. Its like drinking a carton of red bull even when you fully know humans can’t grow wings but you’d still drink it anyways, just because some cute dummy ad says so. Although I find it a bit irritating as humans now require horoscopes to sex up their daily lives, still, one must realize that such matters as this must simply remain a matter of taste. I sometimes can’t resist chuckling when i log on the internet and first thing that pops on the screen is “more for Taurus”, “daily horoscopes for Pisces’, “click here for your job horoscopes”, “click here for your academic horoscopes”, “daily horoscope for your relationship” e.t.c. Although some of these things might sound pleasing to the ears, but let’s not get distracted by sentimentalism, lets not get distracted from the real questions begging answers. Where does these horoscopical lies put hard work, or destiny, or fate, or even God, the supreme??? Is my wealth tied to the arbitrary formation of the stars. Wouldn’t it be hypocrisy to claim your faith in God, yet look forward to what the ‘stars’ says about you? Since we reside in a world where people sought Novocaine for their pain, rather than a lasting cure, believing some placebo conjectures concocted using algorithm wouldn’t be a difficult thing to do, would it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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