You Know You Want Forever, But It’s Not With Him

Ben Rosett
Ben Rosett

Stay away from the guy who asks if “you like your hair being played with” or who decides he likes you extremely fast. Especially- if he’s never had the chance to observe you. Do not be flattered by someone who approaches you with an agenda.

Stay away from the guy who always tells you you’re right. And you’ll stop ending up with someone who seemed nice a first, who you don’t really know and don’t actually want to be with. No grown man, with a job and a life should have to consult twitter for pointers.

Touching your hair is a natural sign of affection, not a creepy, fake “let me prove I’m a good guy” or “let me try to make you like me” tactic. This guy needs a hobby and if you’re looking for the right man, it’s not him. You’re looking for a man aren’t you? Not a parrot.

Stay away from the boy who mysteriously decides you’re perfect, because no lasting relationship is built upon a superficial foundation. It’s you wasting your time, not him. Social media is a beautiful thing as much as it’s awful. If a boy takes serious selfies, it’s time to go. A boy will tell you he’s being “protective” when blaming you for his insecurities. People don’t change, and if they grow it must be on their own long before it’s with you.

A man is going to be there to back you up when you started it. When you took 7 tequila shots and raised all hell. He’ll be un-phased by 40 drunk phone calls, and he’ll never make you feel bad for being a handful. Let a boy leave you for being you, because you don’t really want him. Someone whose ego is smaller and value is greater is busy making something of himself, not complaining about girls who left his dumbass or being a creep who talks to you in a baby voice.

This world is crazy, life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t make you feel safe. And who doesn’t have more going for him than knowing the right thing to say. The right man for you will probably hardly ever say the right thing but he’ll always do it. He’ll have no excuses so ladies what’s yours?

You know you want forever and the right man and you know it’s not him. So what exactly are you doing? Praying for a miracle? Stop right where you are and step back. No relationship can give you something you don’t already have. Thoroughly explore your weaknesses and conquer them. Do something meaningful and you will find something meaningful.

Post seductive selfies and bikini pictures all you want. But you will only attract guys who like what they see, not you. Texting, or snap chatting will never replace the way he looks at you or how he laughs. If you aren’t spending time together I want you to repeat after me: Fuck this. At some point you have to stop looking for someone to pay attention to you, text you all day and validate your existence and find that within yourself.

Don’t tell him “you can have 10 pennies or 1 dime. ” tell yourself. Stop waiting for boys to change and stop selling your-self short. Do you want to be unhappy? Or do you want to grow up and stop complaining about boys who don’t treat you right; and start thanking God for a man whose been praying for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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