12 Not So Glamorous Things That Happen When You Move Over 500 Miles Away From Home

Whether you just moved away to go to graduate school or accepted a new job, here’s what living far away from home can feel like.

1. You have to cook. A lot. Unless you want to spend a ton of money and add on extra pounds to that figure of yours, eating out more than one to two times a week is not an option. You need that cash for essentials like soap and spatulas.

2. You buy the cheapest toilet paper you can find. 50 cents for four rolls that leave my ass feeling like sandpaper? Give me that!
3. You have to put effort into people liking you and wanting to be your friend. That resting bitch face will still be there when you’re spending your Friday nights alone. No-one is going to like you because they have to like your dog and grandma.

4. You have 1 skillet, 1 pot, and 1 frying pan.

5. Suddenly, pinterest is a lot more relevant to your life. Using mason jars to hold q-tips?! How come I never thought of that!?

6. You also throw some spray paint and glitter onto your empty wine and beer bottles because you think a DIY vase will hide your alcohol problem.

7. Instead of getting yelled at by your parents for not taking out the trash, your crazy neighbor now yells at you for leaving your trash by the front door.

8. You become really good at finding the cheapest products there are, no matter what it is. I need a broom and I will not pay more than $3!

9. You endure the cold winter months and hot summer ones with as little heat/AC as possible. If I keep my gas bill below $40 this month, I can buy those new shoes (and $2 toilet paper..)!

10. Leaving a light on in another room when you’re not in there? Never.

11. So long are the days when you could go to your parents house and leave with clean clothes and a full belly.

12. Your new independence consists of coming home drunk at 2 am and eating a medium pizza without having someone to judge you or tell you to be quiet. It’s great. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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