Romance Movies Make Me Believe In Unrealistic Love, But I Still Watch Them

Josh Felise

Romance films set an unrealistic standard. That every girl, no matter how quirky, clumsy, egoistic and bitchy she is, she’s really nice and insecure deep inside. That every guy, no matter how obnoxious, unambitious and proud he is, he’s just toughing up and is really a sensitive hopeless romantic.

But what if none of those even ever come? What if I don’t get a bumping into him scene in a cafe? What if I don’t even get a stealing someone else’s cab ride moment? What if there’s no bet that would make someone like me in the process? What if I don’t swoon over topless guys with 6 packs because having them take off their shirts at the right time doesn’t really happen? What if my sister doesn’t invite me to go on a double blind date? What if I don’t get to collaborate for work with that weird guy who’s actually a really great misunderstood person deep inside?

What if I don’t meet my first love again when I’m 30? What if I do and he’s not miraculously single and still deeply in love with me? What if I’m already married before I meet the perfect ‘the one’ that movies imply? What if there’s no guy who’d come running to the airport hoping to stop me from moving to Italy? What if there’s no one ready to steal blue french horns for me?

I often go to Starbucks to get my afternoon coffee. I always commute going to work. I’m not pretty or popular enough to be a bet. I hate socializing and not all for dates. I don’t carry life-changing advices that can wake up people and also make them realize that I’m the kind of girl they want to be with. My first love got married already.

What now?

What if we don’t meet that special someone at 30? What if I had to bend down and tie my shoelaces when he was about to be starstruck with my charm? What if I don’t miss that train that could have been where we accidentally sit beside each other reading the same book? What if life allowed me to be with someone who’s not my ‘the one’ because life got fed up with me insisting it on every person who shows the least bit of attention? What if I find ‘the one’ but let it slip because I think of every scenario than just going through the love flow?

What if all those “good things come to those wait” is all BS?

I dislike romance movies. Because I end up daydreaming, and then reality sets in.
But I still watch them.. endlessly. We all do, despite all that.

Only because a part of us wishes that maybe, just maybe, my love story, if we even get one, won’t be as perfect as movies, but at least it’ll be ours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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