Date Someone Who’s Insecure

Sergey Zolkin
Sergey Zolkin

We think of a lot things, maybe even everything at the same time. Our burdens are ten folds. We’re used to being alone because asking for someone’s help seems unloading our baggage to someone feels too much to ask. And the least we want to feel is being submerged into the reality that we are more than just a baggage – we’re in fact a mess. But once we get ourselves together, we pour in everything we got. Once we find that someone special, we love as much or even more than we can possibly can.

Trust is the hardest for us.
It’s either we give a hundred or none; just white and black – no grays. Because for some reason, life somehow failed to make the world a mutual place. Where when you’re kind to everyone and everyone will be too. Maybe too many things happen to our lives that we cant think of ourselves as a person that someone would even ever like. We’re pretty much a danger zone, a hazard, a cliff, a broken brake, a shard, a fatal venom. But we still give trust away. Because we avoid judging others as we know how it feels to be evaluated and criticized.

We can’t opt out of our insecurities like a subscription.
Unfortunately, It doesn’t work that way. Life would have been easier for us. We doubt what you’ll say not because we don’t feel any sincerity, but because we’ve been doubted and judged for as long as we can remember. And someone to tell us it won’t be the same feels like it will be the same.

We need assurance of your love- any kind of love in fact.
Because when we allow ourselves to be loved, when insecure people open themselves to someone, it means they also accept the fact that they are what they are. That someone – possibly perfect – is capable of loving someone as hallow, heavy and insecure as we are. That someone is capable of dealing with things about ourselves that we never understood and appreciated. It’s going to be hard for us to accept that fact, but that shouldn’t deny the fact that it feels good for us to feel like we’re someone’s special snowflake too.

We question a lot of things. We feel. We know. And we’ve been at the brink of emotions that consume our beings
. We find the slightest hint of worry and feel negative. But we know. We believe. Because for one moment, someone will dare piece us back together. Because for one moment, someone will attempt not only to take our baggage, but carry us with them too. We would allow ourselves to be loved and it will make us realize that our insecurities don’t matter as much as we think. That our flaws aren’t seen as imperfections but the character that makes us, us, and that’s what matters.

We’re fragile. But we are real. And we know ourselves more than anyone.
No BS “It’s not you, it’s me” because we’ve lived our lives contemplating on our weaknesses and our strengths and our characteristics that we have come to accept it, love it, live it. And we can and will do that to someone who will welcome us and make us feel that we’re a mess you’re willing to deal with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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