This Is What’s Going Through Her Mind When You Don’t Text Her Back

It’ll all start with a Good Morning text. The one that greets you with a kiss emoticon and a smiley. When you don’t reply in the next 10 minutes, she’ll assume you’re still sleeping, or preparing to go to work, or eating at the moment. She’ll proceed with her own routine.
After 30 minutes, she will start to wonder. She’ll hold back for now on sending a follow up message. After all, it’s still early and she doesn’t want to destroy the day.

In an hour or two, she will start to ask what could possibly be happening from your end before pressing that send button she’s been meaning to press. Her smile will somehow loosen up, but it’s fine, she’ll think, he’s probably just a little busy at the moment.

She’ll stop texting for a short while. After all, she doesn’t want to seem like a psycho overly attached obsessed girlfriend. She wants you to have that space you got used to when you were single. In fact, she’s gonna keep herself busy so she wouldn’t need to fight the urge of sending you a piece of her mind.

At lunch, she’ll probably send in another message to ask you to eat, tell you to have a good day and ask if everything’s fine. But also in reality, she’s probably the one in the verge of not being fine. Hiding behind that message is a part of her slightly a little anxious and a little mad at you for not remembering to say at least one hi.

When 2pm comes, she’ll be sighing with a bit of frustration. Her breath catching up with what her mind has to say. It’s okay, he’s just too busy now. She doesn’t want to ruin her day too by being overly dramatic on a simple reply she didn’t get.

But in another 3 hours she’ll start to get irritated. But instead of putting it on you, she texts her best friend. What is 20 seconds to freakin’ say you’re still alive? She will roll her eyes, thinking how a simple task like that could be so difficult. But she’ll try to stay calm. She’ll try to understand the situation. Look back a bit to the day before and what you might have gone through, or what you two have done. Smile a bit and remember how much she loves you and she’ll understand you.

After she gets an honest taste of what her best friend thinks- space. She’ll argue with herself just a little bit before sending another text in a gentle but strict demeanor. She’ll wonder if you’re actually really testing her patience. After all, she rather receive a text that says, Hey honey, I’m busy at the moment, I’ll catch you later or even a simple hi than not receiving any at all.

At a much later time, she’ll start to get angry. She’ll wonder what kind of important thing you’re working on that you can’t be disturbed. Her mind will linger on several possibilities. Am I not enough? Am I too boring? Does he have someone else? Is he falling out of love? All while biting her lip, rolling her eyes and sighing heavily. She’ll ask more questions. Am I too ugly now? Is he seeing someone new? Is this going to end? All the diversion and distraction she tried to stop her mind to go astray will seem like nothing.

She’ll realize at some point that she can only understand so much before she finally realizes you don’t give a damn on how she feels or how important it is for her to talk to you because she loves you, she misses you, and she wants to be with you. And it matters to her that much.
And then you’ll see her texts which felt like a normal message from a girlfriend. You’ll reply, hey babe, sorry, I left my phone in the house when I left earlier.

And you have no idea what went through her head.

But she’s okay again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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