This Is Why You Should Love A Soft-Hearted Person

Soft-hearted people are told that they are “too soft,” “too emotional,” and that they will be taken advantage of too often and too soon. Today, we live in a society that encourages “do more” culture. In return, it is only natural that we demand more to make us come back to life. We admire more selflessness, laughter, and people who inject more love into this world. Soft-hearted people spend their lifetimes searching for this place where they fit in, as many shed their soft complexities for hard skin to navigate this world.

Love a soft-hearted person because our fragile hearts are easily more susceptible to hurt. Because softness is seen as weakness. Love a soft-hearted person because we are trying, even though we are hurting. Because letting go is difficult. We put so much time and energy into building up our surroundings and the people that encompass our circle. We wrapped your trust in a blanket, keeping it close to our heart. Leaving feels like neglect and abandonment. Hold onto the people that feel like light—they are vanishing daily.

Love a soft person because we seek to please and support everyone. Because sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves while making sure that everyone is catered to. Love a soft-hearted person because they can self-regulate. Because we are always thinking about the consequences of our actions and finding ways to support. Love a soft person because we are quick to communicate and will apologize for anything and everything. Because we will take the blame to avoid conflict, even when not at fault. This world needs less conflict, more support, more love.

Love a soft-hearted person because we love unconditionally. Love a soft-hearted person because we will not become jaded in this cold world. Love a soft-hearted person because they need your protection from bullies and individuals that do not understand our beautiful complexities. Because we will always listen, lend a hand, and have the words you need in that moment, moving you from the darkest of moments to light. Take care of those that become a beacon of light for you and the world.

Love a soft-hearted person because we can weather any storm. No matter how hurt, our wounded hearts will always find a reason to smile. Love a soft-hearted person because you will always remember them smiling, even when they do not receive it back. We remain optimistic; smiling is contagious, one small step to changing the world. Love a soft-hearted person because our hearts succumb to more judgement from society, but we will always be okay, even on our own. Because saying we need help feels like burdening another.

Love a soft-hearted person because when you return the favor, we break down, humbled by your commitment to even the smallest of gestures and the cycle of good karma. Love a soft-hearted person because we do not care about your past. We do not care about the bridges you have burned and possible karma that still lingers at the edge of your bed. Come as you are. You are accepted, as who you show up in this moment and moving forward. Love a soft heart, because we will always forgive, not only for building resilience in ourselves or staying open to the world, but because humans can be good. We make mistakes, and we also deserve second chances.

Love a soft-hearted person because our hearts break over the state of this world. Because every human should have a shelter over their head and every child is a gateway to our future. Because no one will be left behind and not saving everyone is not an option. Love a soft-hearted person because we cannot see injustice. Doing right by mankind is not an option, it is the only option. Love a soft person because the memories and struggles that trigger you; our heart reels with you. We feel the significance and the depth of your pain.

Love a soft-hearted person because, despite the scars, tattoos, and toughest exteriors, they are made of delicate rose petals. Love a soft-hearted person because they will always remain delicate and soft in a world where beautiful things are disappearing daily. Love a soft person because they will come with open arms to attend both love and heartbreak. Love a soft-hearted person because we trust with all our heart. For those soft hearts: When trusting with all the tender fragments of your vessel, you become light to a world where the human in humanity is diminishing. You show the world how to rediscover the beauty in beginnings and endings, life and death, and everything in between.

As Lao Tzu said, “Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”

Love a soft-hearted person because we are not afraid of being transparent and vulnerable, with this tough exterior built and now adopted by generations of humans that once commanded this world. Love a soft heart because some fall under the category of highly sensitive person. Love a soft person because softness is confused with other mental health disorders. We are often misunderstood.

Love a soft-hearted person because you were once a soft heart. And you still are. There is bravery in remaining soft and softness rests within the depths of your soul. Love a soft-hearted person, because they are anything but weak. Because we aim to live our truth with open arms. The strongest are the soft-hearted ones that remain through the test of this world. In between then and now and all those messy things that happened, distorting your innocence, rocking your structure, foundations, philosophies, and changing the exterior, we forgot how to be soft.

For those tapping into their foundations: Come back to smell after rain. Come back to puppy kisses and the days you rode your bike with training wheels. Come back to your first grade kiss. The delicate flowers your prom date pulled from his mom’s garden because you were his delicate flower. Come back to the romance that lingers in air and Central Park, on the first day of fall. Smile, hold the door open, offer help to a stranger struggling—it is contagious.

Love a soft person because they will remain selfless in a selfish world that is afraid of showing sensitivity, empathy, compassion, and humility. Love a soft-hearted person because they will always be a soft heart, despite adversity. Love a soft-hearted person because they are change catalysts for the kindness revolution of our future humanity. Come back to yourself, the radiating energy of sunlight from a soft-hearted person will keep you up at night.

This world needs you. Come back to softness.

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