There’s More To Life Than The Guy In Your Past

Fineas Anton

There’s more to life than your date nights and the pictures you took of each other. There’s more to life than what was said the night you broke up. There’s more to life than those eyes you used to lose yourself in.

There’s more to you than the girl who believed he was forever.

Remember you have friends you could spend your Friday nights with. You have an eye for art, photography, and fashion – or something else. You enjoyed books and coffee no matter the price. You found joy everywhere. You were a girl who said that despite heartbreaks, everyone can still find love. You had that inside you. Remember.

There’s more to the future than the promises you both won’t be able to keep anymore. There’s more to the words ‘I love you’ than the way he used to say it. There’s more to the past than sadness. Life’s waiting for you to figure that out.

It’s good that you’ve started to laugh again. Time has given your wounds the chance to heal. Gradually, you will be yourself again. One day, you will look back and not think of the pain but the fond memories.

You loved so deeply, so sincerely – and hopefully someday, it won’t hurt any longer to say your love wasn’t enough to make him stay.

For now, live. Day by day. If it starts to feel like it’s too difficult to even breathe, try to remember you’ve come this far. You are strong.

There’s more to your heart than just giving up. Don’t let your heart down. Let it beat and do what it does best – love.

So, live. Hold your head high. Be proud of your healing heart. Because girl, there is so much more to love than the guy in your past. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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