10 Ways To Transform Your Wishes Into True Ambition

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We all have objects, situations, and lifestyles that we desire. These desires ultimately remain nothing more than mere wishes for the vast majority of us. We utter phrases like “I wish I could just drop a few pounds” or “I wish I had a lot of money.” We sit back in astonishment at the people who actually achieve the things they seek out, whose luck is ostensibly infinite; The rich get richer and… the wishers keep on wishing. What separates the daydreamers from the dream achievers? Here are some ways to transform your whimsical fantasies into fuel to propel you forward towards success.

1. Be Specific

Don’t just say things like “I wish I had more money”. Be specific. How much money? In what time span to you wish to attain this money? What services will you render to attain this money?

The difference between a wish and a goal is that real goals are timely, measurable, and practical. If your plan to become successful is to just stumble upon an idea drawn from the vague abyss that is your intention, good luck. Ponder the things you wish to attain. Think of them all the down to the most minute detail. Have a clear and concise picture of what it is that you actually want.

2. Paint Vivid Pictures in Your Mind

Imagination is at the root of every conceivable creation other than that created directly from Mother Nature herself. Without an active imagination nothing in modern society would exist. If this sounds similar to the aforementioned step, it’s because it is. You must specify what you want and at the same time create a clear and vivid picture of it inside of your mind. Pure visualization on its own certainly won’t get you want you want, however, it must be coupled with certain actions.

3. Make A Plan

Write your plans down. Write down your goals and the timeframes in which you’d like to reach them. Have an actual plan that you’ve taken time and sincerity to create. What do you need to do this this year to inch closer to your destination? What about this month, what about this week, what about today?

I’ve heard life coach and business philosopher Jim Rohn say: “Those who fail to plan are planning to fail”. Your life is moving on a trajectory. You can decide to meticulously calibrate its direction or you can just leave it to chance and circumstance. The majority of us choose the latter, and the results are anything but ideal. Many of us spend more time carefully planning our outfits for the weekend than we do on our actual life. Design your life; don’t let life “happen” to you.

4. Discipline Yourself

This doesn’t mean you have to perform a complete makeover and overhaul your will power capabilities over night. What it means is that changing a few minor habits can lead to great benefits. Success is won in the trenches of life. Achievement is nothing more than the accumulation of minutes, hours, and days in succession that ultimately culminate into something larger. Do the little things required of you daily to become more successful. Spend time everyday growing and learning.

5. Realize that you must deserve what you want

Lets say you want to make a million dollars. You must ask yourself if you truly deserve a million dollars. Assuming a 50-hour workweek, you would have to make almost 400 dollars per hour to make a million dollars in one year. Is an hours worth of your effort worth 400 dollars? Think about it.

6. Make a Decision

The root word in decision, “cis”, in Latin means to cut off or kill. Making a decision to work towards your goals is to cut off all other options and kill any notions of failing. Truly deciding that you are going to go after what you desire is quite the leap from simply wishing. Part of making a decision includes a commitment to doing some actual work. This is where a clear division lies between the successful and unsuccessful. Successful people made a real decision to work for what they wanted, unsuccessful people have not. It’s that simple.

7. Start Today

If you are reading this and have aspirations to become healthier or more physically fit I want you to do me a favor. Close your computer right now and 10 ten-push ups. Go for a walk around the block. DO SOMETHING. If you want to be rich but you are flat broke, stash away one penny into your piggy bank. You have to start somewhere. The conditions will never be perfect for you to begin your journey.

8. Learn and develop real skills

Your value to the marketplace is equated to the skills and services you are able to render. Simply put, if you have limited skills, you’re not going to get very far in life. Not to sound crass, but the literal reason why fast food workers make meager earnings is that the job requires very little skill to perform. Its economics 101. Typical interview responses highlight intangible skills that are mostly related to personality. Everybody has those. Bill gates made billions because he knew how to develop software. That’s a real tangible skill. Go to work building actual skills necessary to thrive in your industry.

9. Focus on yourself

In my opinion, the number one fallacy that dominates our society is the idea that circumstances are the main contributor to people’s well being. We blame the economy, our employer, the government, taxes, anything to avoid glancing in the mirror. Another saying that I love from Jim Rohn goes — “Work hard on your job and you’ll make a living. Work hard on yourself and you’ll make a fortune.” Success is something you attract by the person you become. The universe seems to have an uncanny way of acquiescing to the desires of those who are prepared. Turn off the TV, read some books, attend some seminars, meet some influential people to guide you, worry about yourself and yourself only. Blaming your circumstances is feeble because your circumstances are all that you have to work with. Great poker players do not always have the best hand; they truly are masters at playing the cards that have been dealt to them. You must be the same way. Everybody has a story for why they aren’t where they want to be, they don’t want to hear yours. If you are unsatisfied with your life quit crying and do something about it.

10. Never give up

Think about what your life would be like if you remained consistent in developing yourself throughout a lifetime. If you live long enough and are diligent and dedicated its almost inevitable that you are going to succeed. I will end with this because while the previous reasons are relevant, this is pretty much the only one that matters. The 98 percent who quit are employed by the 2 percent who persevere. You’re smart enough; your capable enough, and you just have to want it enough. Don’t give up on your dreams, ever. The day you give up your dreams is the day you truly died. I don’t have to watch the Walking Dead to see zombies; I see them everyday driving to work. They’re dead and they don’t even know it. Don’t let that be you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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