7 Reasons To Date A Bookworm


I am a self-proclaimed book reading machine. I would much rather spend time expanding my mind than killing brain cells at the bar. I’m going to look for my wife at a Barnes and Nobles, not at the club. Here are some reasons why it’s awesome to date a voracious reader. The type of reader I am describing is eclectic, in the sense that their reading interests lie in many different genres and author types. Admittedly I am drawing much of my conclusion from personal experience, but I think they apply to many other readers out there as well:

1. Readers are smart: People who read a lot are going to naturally gain intelligence. While the brain is not an actual muscle, it can be “strengthened” by flipping through pages repetitively. If you are attracted to intelligence, dating a reader is the way to go.

2. Readers are interesting to have conversations with: So far this week I’ve read about the fact that the earth is moving on a straight path in the 4th dimension but appears to be moving in the shape of an ellipse in the 3rd dimension, the fact that humans like to eat sugary foods because our ancestors from 10,000 years ago did, and that the reason you like your Facebook so much is that Mark Zuckerberg is conditioning you like Pavlov and his dogs. I have a lot to talk about, and so do all of my fellow bookworms.

3. Readers are independent: A person who likes to read a lot wont constantly nag you for attention, if you are too busy to hang out with us that day, we will be perfectly content to be alone with our books.

4. Readers are more successful: The average CEO reads one book per week. The average American watches 3-4 hours of T.V. per day and engages in some reading. The poorest individuals read little to none. This is definitely a correlational argument and not causal, but the correlation seems to be pretty strong. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are both said to read 8 hours per day. When asked what superpower each would like to have they responded by saying they wish they had the ability to read extremely fast. It’s hard to argue against two people with a combined net worth of 140 billion dollars. That’s one hundred and forty thousand million dollars.

5. Readers are healthier: The more you read about the things of the world, especially health, the less likely you are to engage in detrimental behavior. You can’t even begin to fathom the extent of the damage that these fast food companies are inflicting on you. Since reading a couple books on health I cut out the greasy burgers and soda pop. I love fast food, but the evidence presented in those books literally scared the crap out of me so I stopped.

6. Readers are more tolerant: They say that knowledge liberates one from ignorance. The more you read about different cultures, ideas, and mindsets, the less likely you are to be judgmental of the differences between people. This has been the case for me, at least.

7. Readers are less prone to stupidity: This relates to number one but I had to reiterate this fact in a different way. The more you read about the stories of, and more importantly, the mistakes that other people have made, the less likely you are to commit them yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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