10 Reasons Why You’re Broke And Unsuccessful

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

1. You lack humility – You think you are God’s gift to the planet. You are unable to humble yourself. This over confident attitude makes it so that you refuse to seek help from others. You think you know it all, and that’s a dangerous mindset to have.

2. You don’t listen – The only opinion in the world that matters is your own. Even when someone brings up something that is relevant, you dismiss is because it didn’t come out of your mouth.

3. You have no curiosity towards life – You are just going through the motions, blind to the vast universe around you.

4. You don’t read books – You haven’t learned anything of relevance in years, and wonder why you haven’t been moving forward.

5. You party too much – Eventually you have to do some actual work to get ahead in life, and this may include skipping a few, if not many, weekends out on the town.

6. You take advice from your broke and unsuccessful friends – Would you take advice about fitness from a morbidly obese person? No, you wouldn’t. So why then, would you take advice from an unsuccessful person on what you need to do to reach the top.

7. You are hanging out with the wrong people – This relates to number 6. The company you keep is definitely a determinant factor in how successful you will be.

8. You are waiting on something to happen – You don’t take any initiative. You have the lottery approach to life. You think that one day everything is going to fall into place magically, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. You have to go out and get what you want, it’s not going to come to you with no effort.

9. You blame everybody and everything for your problems – You take no responsibility for your life. You make excuses for why you are unsuccessful. You want your circumstances to change, but are unwilling to work on yourself.

10. You are flat out lazy – There is no substitute for hard work. Anything worth having has to be earned. You get what you give in this life. If you are broke, you must not be giving much to the world right now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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