The Lottery Approach To Life And Media Bias: Don’t Be ‘Sold’ The American Dream


Today I am going to speak about a topic that i feel has been a major influence on our society and has had a myriad of negative impacts on us. The topic I am speaking on is the lottery approach to life.

Now what do I mean by that? What I mean is the idea that your life is going to randomly improve by chance, and any idea of reaching success that doesn’t involve some amount of work. The media portrays success in a way that makes it seem to happen in an instant. They give you “10 steps to becoming wealthy.” or ” 3 ways to find the right partner”. This ideology makes it seem that a few chance events are going to lead to a better life. Do you think it took steve jobs ten steps to take Apple computers to the heights that it has reached today. Do you think bodybuilders did a 30 day challenge to gain their physique?

Most of what the media tells you is aimed at getting you to buy their products. Of course they aren’t going to try to sell you the “Gradually lose weight through small incremental habit changing diet.” The marketers know that the brain seeks the easy way out. There are actual cognitive biases that we as humans have and seeking the easy way out is one of them, and the people who sell you that stuff know it. They hire scientists and psychologists to pinpoint what will trigger you to buy stuff. If you dont believe me read a book about it. By the way, if you don’t read, you are at a severe disadvantage in life. You can argue with me all you want, but i’m right, trust me.

I think a better approach to life is what I call making the sculpture of your life. Start out with a big block (the general thing you want to achieve) and chip away at it everyday. Do that enough times and maybe you’ll end up with a perfect portrayal of your hopes and dreams. Quit thinking that one day “something” will happen and you’ll hit the jackpot in life. It doesn’t work that way. People think one day they’ll get to take a break. I have some news for you. The grind never stops in life. Life IS the grind, so you better learn to love the grind. Creep forward, dont try to leap forward. Day in and day out do something to reach your goals.

Slow and steady may in fact, win the race. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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