Everyone Is A Writer (Yes, That Means You, Too)

It’s bit too convenient for a person to say they’re not creative. We hide from the fact that we cannot stand criticism; it’s easy to hunker down with comforting thought that no one will like what we have written — so why bother? Slowly, we sink into an abyss of cynicism, pulling with us anyone down who dares to try. It brings us solace to know that we are not alone in our self-declared ineptitude. Yet we writers write not for anyone’s approval, or for gain (trust me on that one) but for the sake of writing.

Writing is a gift; it’s an evolutionary miracle that we’ve perfected over centuries and copious volumes of literature. It’s a miracle because, it is something one creates out of a string of words, put together to make a pattern that perhaps no one else has ever thought of before creating a universe of endless thought and emotions.

The truth is that, we are all writers and not in the ‘new age hippie, everyone gets at trophy’ sense either. We are all writers, because it’s part of what makes us humans; we strive to communicate and paint pictures with nothing more than squiggly incoherent lines on a page.

I’ll prove it.

Here’s a mental exercise: How many of us have stood waiting for a bus?  I’m sure many of us have. Now think about how you felt on that day, and what emotions does it bring up as your sitting down and reading these words? Now write a sentence about this very situation, and how it may have made you feel. Yes now, don’t delay, stop reading and write.

Done? Okay. Congrats, you’ve just become a writer.

Now it may not be good but who cares? You’ve just merely embarked on a journey of writing. Don’t fret about “inspiration” either. Finding inspiration is an excuse for lazy authors. (Ahem).

Inspiration can be found anywhere, and everywhere. It’s in the mundane and the average. It is the first bite of an apple, and the last morsel of a chocolate cake. It’s the reluctant wave good-bye, and it’s the endless unfathomable depth of a greeting hug. Inspiration can found in the tiresome chores done around the house. It’s that feeling of wondrous unwavering boredom during a lazy summer afternoon.

The point is, inspiration can come at any point, and it is up to the writer cease that moment and to write, write, and write some more. For any aspiring author, writing should be a way of life. 

Everyone’s a writer. Including you, so don’t hesitate.

After all, it’s just like Hemingway said: “In order to write about life, first you must live it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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