8 Raw Confessions Of A Liberal Muslim Girl

With 1.6 billion muslims in the world it is probably no surprise that we aren’t all the same. The media may not show it but there are a lot of us hidden in between you- barely distinguishable except for perhaps a surname.

Don’t misunderstand me- just because I don’t look and act like the stereotypical muslim doesn’t mean I don’t have faith- but this mixture of faith and modernity can leave me, and those like me (there are plenty) very confused. So here are a few of my daily ramblings:

*NOTE: I don’t mean to offend anyone’s religious methods!

1. Every hangover is accompanied by a little (sometimes big) feeling of guilt- you know we’re not really allowed to drink. Every attempt to stop drinking lasts till about the next big celebration or sorrow.

2. The world is a scary place when you feel judged by your more conservative Muslim friends (or foes or family) for being too ‘wild/crazy/slutty.’

3. I’m very slightly (okay terribly) plagued by the fear of never finding a Muslim husband who has the same balance of faith and fun.

4. That annoyance of trying to explain Muslim problems to non-muslim people. Especially at this age of 18-25, everyone tells us ‘YOLO’ -Muslims don’t YOLO (we will be judged, remember.)

5. The daily struggle of what to wear. What’s appropriate? Is just above the knee covered enough? What do I wear to the beach? Do let me know if you’ve uncovered the secret to dressing Muslim and looking hot.

6. Boys.Boys.Boys. So we’re not allowed to have sex… But there’s no mention of anything else… oral sex is okay, right?

7. Whenever I meet a Muslim like myself we instantly become best friends (even if just for the night). It’s always nice to find someone in the same internal dilemma.

8. The self-loathing of living a bit of a double of life. This can vary depending on who you’re around. My parents, for example, are great and generally very chilled but alcohol is a big taboo in my family- I must swear to sobriety around them (I’m 22, I know). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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