Why We Should Become One

Everyone knows that society will never become one, there is no world like the description of the world in John Lennon’s song, Imagine. I know, as a realistic person, that the chance that we will ever know a world like this is almost zero. They say that nothing is impossible, but there are some things that are- rationally speaking- not possible. I won’t say impossible. I won’t say it because it probably sounds pessimistic because people may lose hope or lose faith in humanity.

Why should we become one? And why is it so hard to do? Those are difficult questions with difficult answers. But becoming one? Look at us… take a look at yourself. Even if we consider the world as a place divided in many groups, when will we be able to define such a group? What are the characteristics, the references,… Those days I think it’s very difficult to define such a group. Can we consider that a group of musicians is one? Or a group of Muslims? Or a group of a certain nationality? NO! Even in those little groups you will always see that they are getting subdivided. It’s like a chain reaction, and as we all know, the amount will increase exponentially… this also means that the groups that I’m talking about are infinite. Wherever you go, you will always find someone in a group that will disagree with you, is this a bad thing? Of course not, but if even Muslims can’t celebrate Eid together (there is one moon on this world though), I start to get worried. When I see that a bunch of people is walking in the same direction but can’t work together, I start to ask myself questions too. Where are we going? We’re walking so fast through life, but did we ever take the time to see the world around us in all its dimensions? To see who the persons in front of us actually are. To get to know them better, to see how they’re thinking? Did we take the time to do this? Maybe we did, but maybe we didn’t. But if we can’t work together, then how will we be powerful?

Being powerful as in being a change maker. You can start a revolution on your own, but you will need help too. Everyone has potential power, and when we share our thoughts and collect this power, we are starting to become one. We should all work together, this sounds beautiful isn’t it? Just go home on a random evening and turn your TV on. Take a look. Take a look at the news, people are murdering their own brothers and sisters. Look how we’re fighting against each other. Take a look at movies and TV- shows. All girls are skinny and they only show us pretty people. It’s like they are trying to give us the idea of how we should be. Making people, especially teenagers, feel bad about themselves. Look at the world we live in. I wonder if this is how it is meant to be. The way we live now, the things we do, our behavior, even the way we speak… Nowadays, it even became difficult to become one, to form a union with your own family: your mother, your father, your brother or your sister…

Even the ones who should be the closes to us, aren’t. We don’t even love them properly, or we show it too little. We don’t show it. Showing love became so difficult, love became a weird concept. Maybe even something we don’t really dare talking about. Something we’re afraid off. I’m not even sure if I’m afraid of it, because sometimes I don’t even know what to think anymore.

But I know that my opinion is that, to reach a certain goal, we absolutely should come together and accept each other’s flaws. Being one does not include having the same thoughts or opinions. Just like you can have friends that are similar to you and that you chose because they have -globally speaking- the same thoughts. The thing is that you can have friends who are very different too. I have it and sometimes it never or almost never causes problems, and sometimes it does. The thing is that we can share our opinions and even learn from each other. I think this is the way we should live.

When two persons are discussing something while they have very different opinions, it gives the problem or the subject another dimension. When a third person with a third opinion will come, it will be even more difficult to be able to find a solution. But it will make the problem way more interesting, too. As in, it will be richer. More to think of, maybe more difficult but keep in mind what is says about the result. What does it say about the result my dear friend? Why don’t we just think more? Remember, I do belong to you too.

And sometimes I really thought we were one, and when I felt like that… It slightly reminded me of those days when I open my window even though it’s not hot inside. When I lay in my bed and listen to the cars passing by, listening to my clock ticking every second. How I hear how the sound of the cars slightly decrease because everyone has to go sleep. I try to imagine how every stranger that’s passing by has his or her own story. People going home to see their families, people who live alone without any family, people who are having a ride because they are depressed, people going to the airport, then… when the morning comes you go outside and you see. And you look. And you notice. Kids going to school, adults going to their work, and you see how this world where people seem so different from each other, is actually united. We do form a union, but we can’t see it. We can’t feel it, because those are just general things we have in common. Try it. Go out. Watch people, observe them. Notice how everyone just wants to be loved. How everyone just wants to be happy. You see happy faces, but you see sad faces too. But we are united, we are the same. Our desires, our passions. Try to listen to the sound of those cars and imagine the stories of the people riding those cars. When I was little I always wondered why they were not asleep. Why did I have to sleep early if other people are just riding around at 3 O’clock in the morning? I never got it. But now I do I guess, I really think I do. I wish them to be happy, even if they’re awake when they actually should be asleep. Life changes us, but try to change your life too.

Go out and observe. Share your passions, write, live, love, and most important of all… smile. So dear stranger, I wish you a very good night. I don’t know why you’re still awake, but after all… if I wouldn’t be awake I wouldn’t know you are awake. So I think I should ask myself why I’m awake too. I’m awake because I’m a thinker, I guess. I hope you feel good and enjoy your ride. I don’t know who you are but I wish you the best. I wish everyone the best. I really do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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