14 Fun Ways To Get Fit For People Who Hate To Workout


Gym class was your nightmare. You’ll never understand the obsession with CrossFit. Pinterest needs to purge the concept of “fitspiration” because it’s driving you mad. Yet despite your hatred of exercise, you still hesitate to order a burger, wondering what your waistline will look like in a bathing suit tomorrow.

If your dilemma is that you want to be healthy and fit, but can’t stand working out, I come bearing good news. There are plenty of things you do for fun every day that can help you burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health and build muscles. Start with these 14 fun ways to get fit and you might realize you don’t hate exercising after all.

1. Laugh a lot.

Laughter causes your heart rate to go up as much as 20 percent. This increases your metabolism, which allows you to burn calories even after the giggles stop.

2. Travel more.

Get lost in a new city and spend all day exploring. You can burn about a hundred calories per mile while walking around and sightseeing.

3. Dance like no one’s watching.

Get the club going up with your dance moves. Dancing improves flexibility, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and promotes weight loss.

4. Babysit.

Just try to keep up with a couple of energetic kids on the playground. You’ll be out of breath by the second round of hide-and-seek.

5. Get a dog.

Our canine companions need to be taken out for walks a few times a day. A good owner will make that an extra long walk.

6. Have more sex.

Men burn about 100 calories during the average sex session and women, 69 (no, that’s not a joke). Remember: duration of session plus intensity of session equals more calories burned.

7. Redecorate.

Start a home improvement project to improve your physical health. Rearrange furniture, plant a garden or install a new appliance to get your sweat on.

8. Volunteer.

Serve others while serving yourself by volunteering through an organization like Habitat for Humanity. Painting walls and nailing boards makes for an all-day workout.

9. Head to the park.

Grab a group of friends and bring along a Frisbee or kickball. Nothing like a little competition to make you forget you’re exercising.

10. Sleep more.

Those who don’t get enough sleep have less energy to move throughout the day and can actually slow down their metabolism over time. Seven to nine hours is the recommended amount.

11. Go shopping.

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Shopping is my cardio.” She might be on to something because walking around a mall and carrying heavy bags really can burn calories.

12. Ask someone out.

Take a love interest out on a date that involves a little more physical activity than sitting in a restaurant. Go mini-golfing, hiking or bowling to win over your crush.

13. Cook from scratch.

Preparing food engages your upper body and strengthens arm muscles. Make mealtime into a workout by buying whole ingredients, then chopping and mixing them by hand, not with a machine.

14. Be a sports fanatic.

Go watch your favorite team play, just don’t sit on your butt. Stand up, sit down and wave your arms up and down. It’s like doing squats for two hours straight.

Looking forward to your new workout plan? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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