7 Things You Need To Realize Before Dating A Girl With Confidence

So you want to date the confident girl?

She walks in the room and immediately takes charge blah blah blah we have all heard it before. I listen to men always admit that they like dating a girl with confidence or they are attracted to a woman who is confident in her ways. They say this, BUT do they really know what to expect when they are going to take a swing at dating the confident girl? If so (or not) here are some tips for the ballsy men who decided to come into the kingdom of us confident women.

1. We are doing things on OUR terms.

Whether it is dating or just our lives, confident women know what we want and how hard we are willing to work for it. You just coming up to us and throwing a pick up line isn’t going to work. You gotta work honey if you want this bag of tricks.

2. We know we are amazing, you need to prove why you are too.

Have some ambition and drive ready if you’re going to jump into our ring. We are set in our ways and are striving toward the top already, you have to bring something to the table too.

3. There are times of intensity and times of fun.

Being a confident woman in this day and age is hard. If you’re a strong woman you’re a bitch, so we have learned to not take anyone’s shit or care about what they have to say about us so it makes things tense sometimes. But at the end of the day we are 100% ourselves and can be the funniest MOFOs you have ever met…and we are always up for a wild time because like I said before WE DON’T CAREEEE.

4. You’re not always going to be a priority.

As a confident woman I am working on myself at future a good lump sum of the time, so your presence isn’t always going to be a priority and you need to respect that. We are in love with our friends and ourselves and aren’t lying awake at night wondering what you’re doing or if you’re going to call. And if you can respect that too, have at it honey.

5. This is a “No Settling Zone.”

We don’t settle for what we believe is below us, that may sound snobby but it is true. Our standards are high and are expectations are higher because we deserve it damnit. Whether it’s be a job, man or even our friends we are constantly working towards the best. What, were awesome and we know it.

6. Its going to be hard to do things for us.

We have built up a persona for ourselves where we can do anything and everything…and it can sometimes get us into trouble. It will be hard for us to let you do things for us sometimes, but just keep pushing and we will finally give in…someday.

7. Back to number 6, you will have to push.

With confidence sometimes comes stubbornness or cockiness. You will have to press and push back towards us mentally a good amount of the time, were not easy stones to break. The biggest turn on to see though is a man who tries hard for what he wants, because that what we do.

It may seem like a lot, but in the end it will be worth it. In this day and age there is so much stigma on “being you” and “accepting yourself”, but then when a girl is confident in herself she is bitchy or lying. Dating a confident girl is a marathon not a sprint, but as long as you can push through the hard parts the end is the biggest reward. We aren’t going to come chasing after you because were too busy being in the front of the pack. So if you can handle some of these rules, you should be fine…maybe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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