I, Me, Myself

richard yukio

I see a storm, rising in my soul.
Bringing my destruction to a whole.
I am scared of the unknown
And the unknown is, Me.

I am my wound, I am my pain,
And the tear in my eye is, Me.
I am my friend, I am my foe,
And my furious fear is, Me.

Won the world, yet self-defeated.
Fought own feelings, then captivated.
I am scared of this quick-sand.
And the quick-sand is, Me.

I am my honor, I am my pride.
And my greatest guilt is, Me.
I am my strength, I am my trust.
And the treacher of my trust is, Me.

mute chimes, of a rhythmless ghungroo.
I am a tale, lost in time, yet very true.
I am scared of the suffocation.
And the suffocation is, Me.

I am my lamp, I am my light.
The darkness beneath is, Me.
I am my death, I am my corpse.
The fire on the corpse is, Me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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