I, Me, Myself

richard yukio

I see a storm, rising in my soul.
Bringing my destruction to a whole.
I am scared of the unknown
And the unknown is, Me.

I am my wound, I am my pain,
And the tear in my eye is, Me.
I am my friend, I am my foe,
And my furious fear is, Me.

Won the world, yet self-defeated.
Fought own feelings, then captivated.
I am scared of this quick-sand.
And the quick-sand is, Me.

I am my honor, I am my pride.
And my greatest guilt is, Me.
I am my strength, I am my trust.
And the treacher of my trust is, Me.

mute chimes, of a rhythmless ghungroo.
I am a tale, lost in time, yet very true.
I am scared of the suffocation.
And the suffocation is, Me.

I am my lamp, I am my light.
The darkness beneath is, Me.
I am my death, I am my corpse.
The fire on the corpse is, Me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Avantika is a corporate professional who gets drunk on good reads. And after having devoured on Khaled Hosseini, Erich Segal, Jhumpa Lahiri and Paulo Ceolho, she has finally figured out that writing is the only thing she would find solace in.

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